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Far Out, Man: Donald Trump Wants Government to Show Compassion and Big Heart

This campaign season has been really loony-tunes and Orwellian. We have conservatives who are supporting a left-liberal progressive Donald Trump who had been a registered Democrat for quite a few years in recent decades and who has contributed thousands and thousands of dollars in campaign donations to … Democrats.

Sounding like he has gone total psychedelic, in a recent interview with Michael Savage Donald Trump said we “have to have big heart,” and that’s what should determine government policies. “You need tremendous compassion, tremendous heart.”

So now he’s a flower child? Okay, whatever.

“We have to take care of Social Security, we have to take care of Medicare, we have to take care of our people, we have to come up with, you know, a plan to replace Obamacare, which is a total disaster. We’ll repeal it and replace it.”

Replace ObamaCare with nationalized health care, single payer (same as Obama has always really wanted), which is what delusional Trump has said he wants to do. Trump does not believe in free markets in health care, which are what made America’s medical care system the best in the world. Trump want SovietCare.

But “Compassion” and “Big Heart” are the motivations behind the most disastrous government policies in history. Donald Trump is opposed to freedom and free markets, but conservatives support him anyway.

And on Social Security, most people want to “save” Social Security, even though it is nothing but a redistribution-of-wealth welfare scheme, as Jacob Hornberger explains just today. You see, most people don’t want to abandon Social Security, despite its moral hazard, its immoral foundation which involves involuntarily taking from some and giving to others. A lot of people really believe that they put money into some account and they will withdraw it when they retire. But, as Hornberger explains, that is not the case.

It is time that people at least overcome their denial (or ignorance), and deal with the truth about Social Security. Just how much are the people willing to let future generations suffer with this illicit scheme? I know, it’s not pleasant to acknowledge that one has been robbed, yet that is exactly what all this has been.

So no, Donald Trump, we do not have to “take care of Social Security and Medicare,” we have to restore our freedom, so that everyone can do what they want with their own wealth and earnings and government bureaucrats can’t lawfully steal it from them. And so everyone can have the freedom to plan and save for their own retirements and government bureaucrats can’t interfere with the people’s lives. Restoring our freedom is what really will “make America great again”!

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