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Do the True Believers Really Deserve What They Are Getting in the Election Nominating Process?

Donald Trump has been complaining that the primary and caucus process is “rigged,” mainly as a response to Ted Cruz’s winning all the Colorado delegates, even though Cruz is winning them by playing by the rules. And Trump is correct that the whole process is rigged, because the rules for each state’s primary, caucus or convention are all different, some convoluted and some intentionally manipulative to help insider power-grabbers and lock out anti-Establishment types. So  candidates (such as the scheming and conniving Cruz) had better go into the process prepared and knowing the rules for each state’s party process. As I’ve written before, party politics is a racket.

But of course the whole process is “rigged,” Donald, as that is what politics is, a rigged scheme, a racket. We have all these very dishonest people who climb to the top in these parties and political offices, people who perhaps initially may have good intentions, but really in the end they like the idea of acquiring offices of political power and control over others. That is what government is. It’s an apparatus which provides the means for power-seekers to exercise power over their neighbors. It is not a “fair” scheme. The State is never ethical or moral, because its agents have the authority to be above the law. The State is therefore a racket. A criminal enterprise. So of course the processes by which to become an agent of the State is “rigged,” inherently corrupt and attracts the worst of the worst.

Yes, there are those rare times in which someone honorable and decent becomes a part of the system, such as former Congressman Ron Paul, who stuck to his moral principles despite the hatchet campaigns against him. In his Presidential campaigns he tried to get to a position in which he could implement some necessary changes to the system. In 2012 Dr. Paul came close, but the rigged system enabled all the cheating, voter fraud and rules changes which effected in locking him out of a nomination which voters seemed to want him to have (despite those other voters in the Republican primaries who oppose the Golden Rule, the true believers in American Exceptionalism who oppose the rule of law and equal treatment under the law, such as the South Carolina neanderthals who booed Dr. Paul’s mentioning of the Golden Rule at a debate, and so on).

So, while Ron Paul had been the rare ethical and decent politician who advocated moral principles, freedom and free markets, now we have Donald Trump, the unethical pol masquerading as a “businessman.” Okay, Trump is a businessman, but certainly no believer in free markets or private property. No, Trump is anti-market and would arrest honest businessmen for hiring workers not approved by or registered with the grubby gubmint in Washington, and he wants to build a gubmint wall on the border. Talk about against free markets, and obstructing markets. And many of the True Believers agree with him on those anti-free market, anti-American, socialist views. As far as I’m concerned they deserve their Reality TV Idol to be cheated and his delegates stolen. They also support someone who gave thousands and thousands of dollars to corrupt, socialist politicians including Hillary and other Democrats, and to the corrupt and criminal Clinton Foundation. Yech.

And given this socialist Trump’s love for eminent domain, for government theft of private property, perhaps he will use local governments’ eminent domain powers to steal the homes and properties away for those very True Believers who love him so much. Do the conservative Trump supporters even know that he wants nationalized health care, single payer, SovietCare?

And please don’t be fooled by the faux “conservative” Ted Cruz, who has spent much of his adult life feeding at the public trough. Cruz is someone who supported “fast track” to push the TPP ahead. So he wants government involved in the people’s trade matters. That’s not a supporter of free markets.

And Ted Cruz, like Donald Trump, praises the Bureaucracy’s interference with the travel and movements of millions, and who wants to build a Berlin Wall that will be used by future ‘Crats to keep the people in. It’s amazing how these Rethuglicans and Democrooks can fool so many gullible people and get so many people to support them and vote for them. I’ve been listening to both Glenn Beck and Steve Deace on the radio and they really are Cruz True Believers, which is a bit of cognitive dissonance given that both of them seem to preach Christian moral values from the radio pulpit. Deace of course is less preachy and thus more listenable.

I think that those people who really are conservative, who believe in moral values, private property and freedom in general, but who dismiss Ron Paul at the same time they take seriously crackpots like Ted Cruz and blowhards like Trump, do so because of so many years of deeply instilled, flag-waving pro-government propaganda. They believe government propagandists in governments’ excusing their wars of aggression overseas (such as Iraq and Afghanistan), and they believe the lies being told by the mainstream media stenographers to rationalize murdering innocents overseas and occupying their lands. I can see why so many of them are anti-immigration, anti-foreigner, because they are nationalists and collectivists. The Trumpbots’ group identity, based on Nation and race as well, is more of a self-identifier for them than their own individual identity could be, as the recent article in the Federalist pointed out. And for Donald Trump to say he likes Ayn Rand, the “rugged individualist,” is extreme absurdity given that his whole campaign is based on collectivism, collectivism, and more collectivism. (Doh!)

But also many conservatives, Trump supporters and Cruz supporters alike, believe strongly in their religious ideologies particularly from their Bible. Their response to Common Core and the federal Department of Education is not to totally separate education and State, privatize all the schools including getting local governments out of the picture, which is what is necessary to restore freedom in education. No, their response to Common Core and federalized diktats is to bring God back to public schools (i.e. government schools), bring back the Pledge of Obedience and saluting a flag, bring back the Bible to public government schools, and so on. And they want the law of the land to reflect their religious ideologies, superseding the moral principles which actually did make America great: private property, free markets, voluntary trade and contract, freedom of speech and freedom of thought, and freedom of association.

As with getting ALL government out of the kids’ education, in the medical area the proper response to ObamaCare is not to “repeal and replace,” replacing it with RepublicanCare, i.e. continued governmental intrusions into everybody’s medical matters just rearranging the deck chairs to make it appear less intrusive. No, the answer to that issue is to further repeal. Repeal ALL governmental intrusions into the people’s medical matters, including Medicare and Medicaid, medical-related regulations and licensure. And if you are serious in wanting to restore the “conservative values” and moral principles (of private property and voluntary association and voluntary contract) that made America great, then you would have to repeal, dismantle and abolish Social Security. You see, a lot of people have been indoctrinated into believing that the Social Security System gives people some sort of a retirement account, and you get back what you put into it. No, Social Security is merely a redistribution tax, and the funds which are taken from you involuntarily are placed into the federal government’s general treasury fund, which Congress has been stealing and spending and squandering. There is no retirement fund waiting for you. There’s no “account,” which many people believe there is.

Once you are able to face the truth that Social Security is nothing but a compulsory government-run “retirement” scheme, and a scam, and that the taxation required to fund that and everything else in Washington is involuntary, i.e. robbery, and face the truth about every other scam in Washington, then maybe the people can finally make some changes in our society. But until then, it will be business as usual. It will be crime as usual.

So, given that the entire apparatus in Washington is a racket, a criminal enterprise, is it any wonder that the election process that the people use to get into the act is itself a scam, is “rigged,” and is thoroughly the racket that the State itself is?

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