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The People of New Hampshire Have … Spoken

Thousands of New Hampshirites went to the polls yesterday to vote, mainly for Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. In exit polls many of the Trump voters said they support Trump’s plan to build a wall, and 40% of Democrats said they support someone “more liberal than … President Barack Obama,” according to Dow Jones Newswires via Morningstar. We’re doomed.

People are worried about the economy, and about possible future terrorist attacks. According to CNN, about 90% of the Democrats think the economy favors the wealthy (I think by “the economy” they mean the “system,” political structure, etc.), even though the system we have now favors the politically connected. And that’s a lot of people. There is a reason that the wealthiest area of the U.S. is the greater Washington, D.C. area, and it’s not because of free market capitalism. The real 1% are those politically connected beneficiaries of government. Even Donald Trump has benefited from governmental favoritism (as well as by being born into his father’s wealth and having an already-developed business handed down to him), as this 1979 article tells us.

It is a disappointment, to say the least, that so many people in the “Live Free or Die” state are not saying anything about restoring our freedom, they are not concerned about our loss of freedom, free markets, civil liberties and private property rights. And that’s discouraging. If Donald Trump wants to “make America great again,” then the only way to do that is by restoring our freedom. But no, he is against private property rights, free markets and free trade, he is all about power and ordering others around.

Trump just doesn’t seem to understand that what made America great in the past was that very freedom he wants to continue destroying. During the first 100-150 years of the U.S., there were mostly free markets, and there was mostly free market capitalism, and protection of private property rights. Those principles of freedom having actually existed (for the most part) are what spurred the greatest period of economic growth in human history, causing the highest increase of the standard of living for all the people, not just “the rich.” But then the Trump-like bullies and mercantilists, charlatans and thieves came along to slow things down, and they used the powers of government to benefit themselves and their cronies. Lincoln really got the ball rolling on that. The progressives, communists and fascists continued the institutionalization of theft and plunder in the 20th Century and that is what we have today.

One big problem with Trump is that he seems to be running to be our boss. He wants to be everybody’s boss. He doesn’t seem to understand that it is “We the People” who are the government’s boss. The people of the states wanted a centralized third party agent to do certain things on their behalf (for some masochistic reason), and so they formed the federal government, and they wrote a Constitution with specific enumerated powers for the government to have, and no more. The AntiFederalists were very skeptical of whether the rights of the people would be secure in such an environment, so they insisted on a Bill of Rights to be included in the Constitution. I don’t think Trump gets that. He is very authoritarian in his mindset, which is against the philosophy of freedom of the Framers.

Now, Bernie Sanders. He’s got a lot of Peter Pan-like followers, just like Obama has had, with all the little Puer Aeternus cheering Bernie on, who want free stuff, free college tuition, free health care — but not freedom. They want “cradle to grave” dependence, to remain imprisoned children all their lives and never grow up to provide for themselves and live in a free society.

The Sanders crowd knows the system is rigged — and it is in fact inherently flawed — yet they support a power-grabber who wants to expand the size and power of the federal government by trillions more than it already is! So with their dependence on the government to give them free stuff taken from their neighbors, they are also giving up their liberty, their civil liberties, thus their security and well-being.

How do you think Bernie is going to enforce all the further government empowerments and expanded tax-thefts and even more intrusive regulations?

With law enforcement! The police! The regulatory state is a police state. But we already have a police state! That means Bernie Sanders is going to further empower the IRS with all their high powered machine guns and S.W.A.T. teams, and further empower the FBI with all their high powered machine guns and S.W.A.T. teams, and further empower all the other agencies who will be strengthened even more to “protect” us from the “billionaires” (who start businesses and provide jobs and create wealth and produce all the goods and services we need to prosper, shame on them!).

But who will protect us from the IRS and FBI and all their high powered machine guns and S.W.A.T. teams? Especially when they constantly go to the wrong address? Especially when they are criminally enforcing unjust legislation against the people? It sure won’t be the Second Amendment, because the progressives want to disarm the civilian population and keep the government class armed to the teeth!

So economically Bernie Sanders is someone who is also clueless about the good and actual wealth that freedom and free markets create. All government does is stifle the wealth, suppress innovation, distort prices and markets, and cause impoverishment. But the historically ignorant and economically ignorant masses cheer on the communist who wants even more control over your life, and wants to steal even more from the workers and producers of society, and further enslave the sheeple.

And one thing that Trump said last night to the people of New Hampshire was that as President he will get rid of the drugs, the heroin there. And how will he do that? Step up the drug war? What about acting as a bully pulpit (he’s already a bully) and strongly advising the “doctors” to cut it out with their prescribing those strong pain killers which many times is causing pain killer addicts to turn to street drugs? Most patients do not need those pain killers as I wrote here. How about telling the CIA to cut it out with their heroin drug trade from Afghanistan? Ya think?

And Trump will get ISIS. Yeah, right. And how the hell will he do that? Increase even more the bombings, invasions, and murders of innocents overseas that the Bushes, Clintons and Obama have been perpetrating? All that crap does nothing but provoke foreigners even more and elicit even more of their retaliating. “Ban Muslims from entering the U.S.”? That’s really smart. That’ll do it.

You see, the solutions for statists is for the government to crack down on the people and foreigners harder with this or that prohibition, mandate, military invasion or occupation, or otherwise intrusion.

And let’s build a government wall to keep the people in. Sure, tell the people it’s for “immigration enforcement.” This wall stuff really will be used to keep the people in, because the more and more the federal government continues to expand the more and more difficult the bureaucrats will make it for people to leave the country. They want your money! That’s the bottom line for power-grabbing, greedy, government parasite criminals. This “illegal immigration” concept is a ruse, and it preys on the nationalistic emotions and fears of the masses for the sake of furthering less obvious agendas.

But the Republican voters of New Hampshire apparently love what The Donald has been saying, his socialist protectionism, his fascist anti-civil liberties un-American freedom-hating rhetoric, and all. Nationally, he’s playing the teary-eyed, lump-in-the-throat, flag-waving nationalists like a violin, and Bernie Sanders is playing America’s Puer Aeternuses as well.

R.I.P the “Live Free or Die” philosophy in Amerika.

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