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Becky Akers on what the government police have come to.

Lew Rockwell on the truth about politics.

Hans-Hermann Hoppe with the truth about today’s “intellectuals” and elites.

Ron Paul asks, Is Congress declaring war on ISIS, or on you?

Sheldon Richman advocates justice, not amnesty, for “illegal” immigrants.

Dan Sanchez says that peace is the keystone of liberty.

Justin Raimondo is pessimistic about the prospects for peace.

Vasko Kohlmayer on America’s myth of a peaceful nation.

WND with an article on violence and repression, possible “civil war” in Europe, and similar crackdowns on freedom of speech coming to America.

Jonathan Turley discusses dwindling freedom of speech and expression in Spain, and the Israeli Minister of Culture and Sport who wants to punish those who question Israel’s commitment to democracy.

John Cleese says, “I’m offended every day.”

Robert Wenzel asks, Has Walter Block left the world of anarcho-capitalism advocacy?

Walter Block responds to Robert Wenzel.

Laurence Vance discusses the Clinton-Sanders-Republican principles of taxation, and says that Donald Trump and today’s conservatives are peas in the same pod.

Economic Policy Journal on how Trump blew it on eminent domain at the New Hampshire debate.

Jacob Hornberger says that no one has a right to health care.

Philip Weiss on Bernie Sanders’s ethnically-cleansed Israeli kibbutz from the early 1960s.

Zaid Jilani says that while Marco Rubio is outraged by spying on Israel’s government, he’s OK with mass surveillance of Americans.

Thomas Knapp asks, Criminal consequences for Julian Assange’s unlawful imprisoners?

Dr. Mercola says that knowledge is the antidote for vaccine orthodoxy.

James Bovard discusses the failure of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Steven Horwitz on being political or apolitical.

Arun Kundnani on the Guantanamo in New York you’re not allowed to know about.

Hugo Turner reviews Doug Valentine’s book, The Phoenix Program.

Washington’s Blog says that Presidents, Prime Ministers, Congressmen, generals, spooks, Soldiers and police ADMIT to false flag terror.

And Jack Perry says, It’s midnight, America, do you know your kids are dying?

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