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Feeling Tortured by The Donald

At last night’s New Hampshire debate, Donald Trump said that he would bring back torture, and a “hell of a lot worse than waterboarding.” He’s good at eliciting the emotions of those who believe what our government bureaucrats tell them, especially since 9/11, that certain people are “terrorists,” as opposed to “terrorism suspects.” Most neanderthals don’t understand the idea of presumption of innocence and due process. (Until President Hillary wants to imprison The Donald and other political opponents and use torture on them. She can just make stuff up about them –she’s good at making things up. Then the torture-apologists might change their minds about it, and about presumption of innocence as well.)

According to these numbers, the number of Gitmo prisoners since 2002 is 779, the number of those released is 670. They were released because there was no evidence against them, because they were innocent. But here are some more interesting numbers: The percentage of Gitmo prisoners captured by U.S. troops: 5%, and the percentage of prisoners who were paid bounties by CIA and coalition forces: 86%. Our government paid Afghan villagers and others to hand people over to our military and CIA, without charges, without suspicion. No wonder most who were taken to Gitmo were innocent, weren’t involved in any terrorism or criminality. They were tortured by criminals at Gitmo for no good reason, however. But the neanderthals who are fed propaganda day after day by the government and its media lapdogs believe that the detainees at Gitmo are “terrorists.”

As I wrote here,

Here is a summary of the U.S. Senate’s report on CIA torture, also referred to by the media as “harsh interrogation techniques,” of mostly innocent victims of U.S. government kidnappings overseas. You see, according to Andy Worthington, who cites former Colin Powell Chief of Staff Lawrence Wilkerson, even those at the top including George W. Bush and Dick Cheney were NOT “out of the loop” and KNEW that “the vast majority of Guantánamo detainees were innocent.” And senior intelligence analysts had already concluded long ago that one-third to one-half of Gitmo detainees were “mistakes” and “had no connection to terrorism whatsoever.” Several cases against detainees had been dismissed by judges based on the detainees giving false confessions, which is really the true purpose of this kind of sick torture regime. But the neanderthals Republicans are complaining how “unconscionable” the release of the CIA torture information is, NOT the torture itself of innocents. That is how Republicans (and Democrats, too) think (if you call it “thinking”). C’mon, Republicans, are you really that gullible?

Among the methods of torture, we now read in detail, include waterboardings which led to “convulsions” and “near-drowning,” detainees being forced to stand on broken legs (I wonder what/who broke them?), 180 hours in a row without sleep, freezing temperatures in which one suspect froze to death, etc., etc., etc.

What’s even more shameful, regarding various non-government-employed contractors who have been aiding and abetting these crimes, are that such contractors included medical doctors, nurses and psychologists, like a bunch of Doctors Mengele, in my view. And such “unethical” (ya think?) practices were continuing as of this November 2013 article.

Psychopaths, sadists and sickos. And these are the people who will be turned against USSA’s dissenters and Regime critics when societal collapse occurs and martial law is inflicted on us and Obama makes full use of the NDAA.

And as I wrote here,

And what about the judgment of a Bush Administration knowingly allowing innocent people to be brought to the Guantanamo prison, hundreds of innocent prisoners (including sick, elderly men and children) brought there by way of overzealous U.S. soldiers and Afghan villagers being paid bounties by the U.S. government? The government says that of the 620 Guantanamo prisoners released (out of nearly 800 captured), 107 were “confirmed of re-engaging” in terrorism. But the truth is, when you take innocent people who have nothing to do with al-Qaeda or terrorism, kidnap them and falsely imprison them for years without charges or evidence against them, and torture them, of course they might consider joining forces against you. So in other words, they (or at least most of them) were probably not “re-engaging,” as they hadn’t been involved in the first place.

It’s probably too much to ask of narcissistic neanderthals to understand the idea of presumption of innocence and due process. Perhaps using their brains rather than their primitive instincts of aggression and revenge would be a good start.

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