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Laurence Vance discusses the morality of libertarianism.

Gary Galles says, End injustices now, not later.

Paul Sperry says, Don’t be fooled by Bernie Sanders — he’s a diehard communist.

William Grigg describes the latest examples of Stalinism in Idaho.

Ludwig von Mises explains how price controls lead to socialism.

Walter Williams criticizes minimum wage dishonesty.

Jacob Hornberger asks, Does El Chapo’s arrest mean the drug war is over?

Per Bylund asks, Will immigration force a change in Sweden’s labor laws?

Paul Gottfried has some second thoughts about the Germans.

Gary North discusses extremism in the pursuit of historical truth.

Spiked online on Charlie Hebdo and the right to offend.

Justin Raimondo analyzes the official stories of Iran’s holding of U.S. sailors.

Glenn Greenwald on the government sycophants of the mainstream U.S. media on the Iranian capture of U.S. sailors.

Ron Paul on the Oregon standoff: isolated event or sign of things to come?

Robert Murphy says that many climate economists reject climate models and turn to ethical judgments.

Philip Giraldi discusses the media hyping the terrorist panic.

Walter Block asks, Why the push toward Milton Friedman?

Richard Ebeling says that individualism is battling the politically managed mind in the 21st Century.

John Whitehead on the State of the Nation: a dictatorship without tears.

Andrew Napolitano discusses more evidence against Hillary Clinton.

Dan Sanchez on Saudi Arabia and Israel: an axis of convenience.

Uri Avnery discusses Israel’s fear of assimilation.

Joel Skousen discusses the Oregon standoff: federal land-grab vs. the Sagebrush Rebellion.

And Joachim Hagopian runs through the deep state’s draconian measures to criminalize citizens.

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