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Another GOP Debate: Who Should Further Guide America Down the Drain?

The latest Republican “debate” occurred Thursday night. Now, that’s “debate” with the quotes because these aren’t real debates, with all the candidates’ childish emotion-manipulating slogans and pandering with applause-eliciting phrases, with their ignorance galore.

A real debate would include an actual advocate for freedom making actual points as to why each one of the statists’ policies is immoral and goes against our freedom and prosperity. Each statist candidate would have no historical events or facts to back up his statist positions, because actual history and empirical evidence show that foreign interventionism causes blowback and destroys the countries our government interferes with and invades, and we know that economic interventionism is destructive as well as immoral.

Sadly, America had lost its moral backbone especially when President Honest Abe Lincoln took U.S. government forces against the people of the seceding states, targeted civilians, and caused the murders of tens of thousands. Subsequent Presidents idolize Lincoln for such atrocities.

As today’s conservatives supposedly believe, people have a right to their freedom of association which includes their right to not associate. But when it comes to the people’s right to belong to a “union” or to separate and form their own associations or governing agencies, the conservatives flock back to Lincoln’s message of centralized empowerment over the people, i.e. no right to freedom of association or non-association. Go figure.

I don’t think the conservatives will ever really understand the ideas of liberty, as they are brainwashed to love a powerful government without question.

That American Civil War, many subsequent otherwise preventable wars, the imposition of the income tax that institutionalized government theft and enslavement of the workers and producers, and the creation of the Federal Reserve System, all contributed to the further empowerment of the centralized regime in Washington, and reduced liberty and prosperity for Americans.

The bottom line is: the formation of a centralized ruling agency over the people in many different states across a vast territory was unnecessary, counter-productive, and should not have happened. Alas, I think it will take some kind of disaster to force people to learn that the hard way.

And I think that Ron Paul made an impact during the 2012 campaign in getting the word out on the moral hazard of government interventionism and informing especially the younger people on the importance of property rights and the difference between government-coerced schemes and voluntary contracts and associations.

However, in these elections we no longer have someone such as a consistent and knowledgeable Ron Paul furthering the education of the masses on these issues. So there seems to be too much of a pulling back into the slavery of statism that so many of the people have been indoctrinated to accept (and love), through 12 years of government-controlled schooling and an adulthood of TV-staring and now iPhone-staring like zombies continuing their mainstream-media hypnosis and obedience to the emotion-dripping nationalism and collectivism of the Republicans.

And the envy-soaked freedom-hatred on the Left sadly gives Bernie Sanders very high numbers as well. Sanders seems to be fooling former Ron Paul supporters to go the wrong way, toward more, not less, wealth confiscation and redistributionism. Yuck.

But this latest GOP “debate” — Doh! I could only get through a part of the transcript, and it’s just discouraging that the American people can really support any of these morons to be their ruler for 4 or 8 years. In an honest world, if the debate were The Gong Show we would see Jaye P. Morgan getting up to bang the gong during Ted Cruz’s “New York values” tirade, I’m sure.

However, the real world is filled with dishonesty, propaganda, and immoral political shysters, and the rhetoric endorsing moral decay and the ignorant claptrap that gets repeated in these debates is disheartening now. For instance, Ted Cruz said, “President Obama’s preparing to send $100 billion or more to the Ayatollah Khamenei.” That’s like when people refer to tax breaks being “subsidies” or government hand-outs. No, tax breaks are when the government decides to take less of your money that originally belongs to you (before the government steals it from you)! In the case of the Obama Regime, the U.S. government is set to release back to Iran those assets which were due to Iran from its oil sales, etc. These are morally and contractually Iran’s assets which belong to them, and the withholding of such assets in U.S. or other banks is a form of stealing. So that’s yet another incorrect statement of the U.S. government-worshiping nationalists that gets nonchalantly tossed around by the media and these candidates.

And on the economy, John Kasich said, “Look, it takes three things basically to grow jobs…It’s a simple formula: common sense regulations, which is why I think we should freeze all federal regulations for one year, except for health and safety.”

But there are no “common sense regulations” imposed by a monopoly government, except to prohibit theft and fraud among the people. And why freeze all federal regulations for just one year? If you are doing that because arbitrary government regulations stifle economic growth, then just get rid of all arbitrary government regulations permanently, except for prohibiting theft and fraud.

And freeze all federal regulations “except for health and safety”? Exactly what health and safety regulations have made Americans healthier or safer? I’ll bet he can’t answer that. It’s really been the informed consumer and profit-seeking manufacturers that have made Americans safer and healthier. Government regulations, especially from the FDA, have prevented many people from obtaining life-saving drugs and procedures, or drugs at lower prices, and the EPA persecutes industries and land owners like it’s the Twilight Zone. (Thanks, Richard Nixon, you schmuck!)

And Kasich continued: “It requires tax cuts, because that sends a message to the job creators that things are headed the right way…” Well then why not cut taxes to zero? Imagine the economic growth and jobs that will be created then. Sadly, these conmen would never survive in a system without government theft of private wealth, i.e. taxes. They LOVE taxes!

I merely skimmed through the rest of the transcript. It’s the same old nonsense we’ve been hearing from these ignoramuses and criminals for decades now. They haven’t changed at all since Lincoln, the Roosevelts, Wilson, LBJ and Nixon, and the Bushes. Would you believe that most people have a positive view of those thugs?

The candidates spent a lot of time pushing for more U.S. military intervention throughout the world, which means continuing to keep U.S. government apparatus in other parts of the world that are not U.S. territories, i.e. trespassing. They believe they can misuse the U.S. military to “defeat ISIS” which has taken over Iraq and Libya and will probably take over Syria, but they do not seem to want to tell the U.S. government to stop funding and supplying weapons to these Islamic jihadists. God forbid they should acknowledge that it was U.S. government invasions and occupations overseas in the first place that contributed a great deal to the radicalization and growth of Islamic extremism.

And they never seem to bring up Saudi Arabia’s role in supporting terrorism and jihad. They don’t seem to want to bring up ending the U.S. government’s conniving with Saudi Arabia and U.S. dependence on Saudi oil. How about nullifying EPA and Dept. of Energy regulations and do more drilling for oil or obtain other natural resources right here in the U.S. that the FedGov won’t let the people get (in the name of protecting the “environment”)? I think the idea of nullification is totally lost on these people.

Another problem with them is their talking about how “we” should do this or that and about dealing with “our” allies and not “our” enemies, and so forth. This collectivist mindset is perhaps one of the biggest causes of America’s decline — a country whose founding was based on individualism, the ideas of self-ownership, private property and self-determination. These current statists, as a matter of fact, thoroughly reject those principles of America’s founding and the idea of individualism. The collectivist mindset is a destructive element that should be demolished.

But most of all, these elections will not change anything with the kind of statist and collectivist mentality that these politicians and all their sheeple followers have now. Unfortunately, it may take continuing crashes and disasters economically to force the government-worshipers to finally let go of their faith in the centralized State. The Soviet Union finally collapsed over a prolonged, decades-long tyranny and impoverishment, but the U.S. is in a rapid decline and it is just sad that so many people will discover the necessity of decentralization the hard way.

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