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The Sheeple Love Fascists, They Love “Bigot Talk”

Donald Trump wants to ban all Muslims, at least temporarily, from entering the U.S. until our ruling bureaucrats can “figure out what is going on.” He said that Muslims’ hatred for America is “beyond comprehension,” and we need to find out “where this hatred comes from and why.” He said, “They want our buildings to come down. They want our cities to be crushed.” And he has no idea why? Hmm, perhaps it’s the foreigners own buildings coming down and their cities crushed, especially in Iraq, caused by the U.S. government? And all the bombing and destruction of Middle Eastern cities and murdering of innocents by the U.S. military for the past 25 years? Ya think?

I know, the propagandized TV-staring zombies in America can’t understand that explanation. Like Sean Hannity, they interpret someone pointing out actual historical facts as “blaming America.” But “America” is not to blame for all the destruction over there, the U.S. government is what’s to blame.

The American Exceptionalists i.e. narcissists who oppose the Golden Rule and have no moral conscience cannot comprehend the idea that if it’s immoral for foreign invaders and terrorists to bomb our buildings and murder our people here then it’s immoral for our government to invade and bomb foreigners’ lands and their homes and murder their people. We’re talking over a million innocent civilians since 1991 just in Iraq, let alone the thousands of murdered innocents in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, and other countries that continues to this day from the U.S. drones and bombs. (Update: See Sheldon Richman: “The Phony Mystery of Why ‘They’ Hate Us, and Justin Raimondo: “The Dangers of Refugee Humanitarianism.”)

And I thought there was something called the First Amendment that all those “Christian” talk radio personalities keep bringing up in regards to the Islamists’ persecution against Christians and so forth. Besides the First Amendment, doesn’t the Constitution say something about prohibiting the government from requiring a religious test? What the hell is Trump going to do, ask each prospective immigrant what his religion is? Such a scheme inherently invites intimidation and persecution by our own government “workers” against totally innocent people who happen to want to move to America like my grandparents and great-grandparents did, which they did without being asked intrusive personal questions by imbeciles and misfits that would have been none of their damn business!

But I don’t really believe Trump in what he’s been saying during this campaign. We know from his previous policy statements and his views that he is a liberal, or “progressive” if you prefer that term, and that he’s a Democrat. He’s not a Republican and he sure isn’t a conservative. But he’s a good actor and he knows how to manipulate his audience’s emotions and get cheep cheers. He himself isn’t one of the knuckle-draggers and neanderthals, but he knows how to attract them to his traveling circus. As they say, “There’s a sucker born every minute,” or something like that. He is very talented at making good use of “trigger” words to elicit the masses’ fears, anger and hunger for revenge. So, I think that the accusations might very well be correct, that he’s in it to tear apart the GOP on behalf of Democrats, and perhaps specifically Hillary (maybe she has something on him, who knows?). However, given how power hungry the establishment Repugnicans are, they probably will use every trick in the book to prevent The Donald from even getting the nomination regardless of primary and caucus results, like they did to Ron Paul. So, it will probably be Jeb or Ted vs. Hillary or Bernie. And if Obama’s FBI decides to indict Hillary, it probably won’t be Hillary.

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