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Hans-Hermann Hoppe with a classic 2003 article on Iraq.

Robert Wenzel on “radical” Muslims, Mexicans, terrorism, and Donald Trump.

Walter Williams discusses squandered resources on college education.

WND with an article on progressives coming unglued over “white” student unions.

Andrew Napolitano discusses the bureaucrats looking for a needle in a haystack.

David Gordon comments on the dreary utopia of the socialists.

Stephen Kinzer on what truly conservative foreign policy looks like.

Philip Weiss says that Donald Trump’s religious test for immigrants is standard practice in Israel.

Glenn Greenwald on Americans attacking Muslims.

Sheldon Richman says, Please don’t say “radical” if you mean “violent.”

Ivan Eland asks, Does it even matter who wins the Presidency in 2016?

Eric Margolis’s message to crusaders: Look before you charge.

Justin Raimondo says the biggest danger to U.S. national security is right in our nation’s capital.

Butler Shaffer has this case for Ebenezer.

Jacob Hornberger on the crises that feed Leviathan.

Lew Rockwell says that a much-read libertarian website may be in trouble.

Richard Ebeling on paper money versus the gold standard.

Louis Rouanet disagrees with Thomas Piketty on the concentration of wealth.

Dan Sanchez says that Trump stumps for ISIS.

Thomas Knapp says to Millennials: “Let’s you and them fight.”

Laurence Vance on military penis transplants.

NBC News with an article and video of funny brawl at Ukraine Parliament.

Ryan McMaken discusses government’s manipulation of murder rates.

And Fred Reed analyzes terrorism incidents, past and future.

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