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Another Debate to Determine Who Is Best to Rearrange the Deck Chairs

Well, the Warpublicans had yet another debate. Does it matter? Nope. I didn’t watch it, of course, as I stopped watching TV over 20 years ago, and when I used to watch TV I never had cable. But with this most recent “debate” I have already heard quite a few excerpts in an early morning rerun of Steve Deace as well as Glenn Beck and some other shows on the radio, as well as getting a taste of what happened from Justin Raimondo’s tweets he did during the debate. I found this page at the WaPo helpful. But here is my take on all that.

So, does Ted Scruz have multiple personality disorder? One minute we hear him saying bomb the hell out of “ISIS” (when he’s really referring to the Middle East, and with total disregard to these conflicts and terrorism being wrought by all the aggressions committed by the U.S. government against them for decades and continuing). And then at this “debate” we hear Scruz talking like a non-interventionist, criticizing all the interventionism in Libya and Egypt, etc. He has to make up his mind which side he’s on. I don’t think you can talk interventionism, bombing and mass murder out of one side of your mouth, and then sound like Ron Paul out of the other side of your mouth. Worse, Ted Scruz agrees with Donald Duck in wanting to build a socialist government Berlin Wall at the Southern border. (And also, does he inhale helium before public appearances? Just askin’.)

And then there’s Ted Scruz’s buddy, Marco Stupido. It seems to me that, given his own or his family’s immigration history, Marco is tuned in to his intuitive sense that all human beings have a right to migrate (as long as they don’t trespass on private property, of course). But he caves to the anti-immigration crowd, the Archie Bunkers who want to prevent foreigners from exercising their right to freedom of movement and travel. And also, Marco Stupido could be another case of multiple personality disorder, going from showing compassion for immigrants to then wanting to intervene throughout the Middle East. He also loves the criminal NSA spying on innocent Americans because, like many others, he gullibly believes that such treasonous criminality will thwart terrorist plots, which it doesn’t.

The Dom DeLouise guy from New Joisey wants to strengthen the “tools” of the criminal NSA spying and “law enforcement.” More “tools”? Then go to Home Depot. I just heard a Home Depot commercial for a Dremel Multi-Max. Good stuff there. Yes, we already know that you don’t get the 4th Amendment, whatever.

And Dr. Carson reiterated that “we are at war,” when no, we are not at war. He just believes that because, like millions of other Americans he’s a brainwashed sheeple who believes the propaganda. (Oops, did I just describe Dr. Carson as “brain” washed? Well, so are his patients, apparently — leaving a sponge in their brains might do it.)

Dr. Carson also said that “our nation is in grave danger.” Yes, we are in danger because of the idiots and morons in Washington who keep inflicting aggressions and violence against foreigners and provoking them to act against us Americans, and our belligerent bureaucrats’ immorally occupying those foreign lands. And we are in danger because of a centralized banking system and compulsory government-produced monetary scheme that enables and empowers the banksters and shysters to steal the people’s wealth and property.

The other candidates were all the same as far as keeping the foreign interventionism going. At the “undercard debate” (a.k.a. the “kid’s table”), were Rick Sanitorium, Limpy Graham, Mike Hockeypuckabee, and George Tacky. I have no idea who this “Princess Buttercup” is, but I would vote for her before any of the aforementioned clowns.

Why are all these people and millions of “American Exceptionalists” and gullible sheeple so brainwashed to believe the propaganda? Who knows. I recently heard Ann Coulter on with Mike Gallagher and Ann said that only Trump could possibly beat Hillary in November, while none of the other candidates could beat him. However, that’s despite the most recent head-to-head matchups which showed that Hillary beats Trump by a huge margin, but that Hillary would lose to Marco and Dr. Carson. (Clueless Coulter loved the socialist weathervane pol Willard Romney, by the way.)

Speaking of clueless, also at the main debate, Curly Fiorina said that she had been “called every B word in the book.” But probably not the one B word she hopes to be: “BUREAUCRAT”! They all want to be the Bureaucrat-in-Chief. And the Bomber-in-Chief. But the truth is, we don’t need a woman President, and we don’t need a man President. We actually don’t need any President ruling over us, because having one for over 200 years has proven to work against us, and that will never change unless a President dismantles the criminal racket in Washington, and pardons all those in the prisons and jails who haven’t violated the persons or property of any other, and someone who promises to pardon and set free any other victims of the sadists and psychopaths enforcing the thousands and thousands of immoral “laws,” rules, mandates, and diktats intruded upon us by Leviathan.

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