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All Human Beings Have a Right to Fight Back in Self-Defense Against Aggressors

I was listening to what was probably a “best of” edition of Mike Gallagher this morning, and he brought up a story about a school kid who was getting beat up, supposedly punched in the face repeatedly be a bully punk, while the teacher apparently wasn’t doing anything about it. The main issue for Gallagher was that the victim wasn’t fighting back at all. The reason for that was that, apparently, the schools are now instilling some kind of bullying policy in which if you fight back against someone who is physically assaulting you, you will be punished for it, too! And the punishment goes on their records.

Now, if someone assaults you then of course you have a right to fight back. Duh. But I believe that if the schools really are making these rules which discourage and even threaten punishment of a kid who attempts to fight back when he is assaulted, then, in the case that a student is assaulted and can’t or won’t fight back because of such rules, the actual school administrators or teachers who are imposing such rules should be criminally charged with aiding and abetting the criminal assailants who are assaulting such victims.

The schools are really out of control now, with their political correctness nonsense, the “you can’t say this or that that might offend a transgender student” crap, the “Zero Tolerance” craziness in which a student who points his finger and pretends to be shooting a gun gets disciplined, the anti-bullying Twilight Zone in which merely teasing someone is “bullying” and punishable but so is defending yourself against an actual criminal assault, etc., etc.

But regarding that story of the student who just stood there getting punched and wouldn’t fight back, I agree with Mike Gallagher’s criticism of that situation. But I wonder just how much for self-defense and fighting back he is. For instance, if a cop is beating up on some guy (or gal), does that victim have a right to fight back? Of course, morally the victim has a right to fight back. Unfortunately many of these conservatives — regardless of their talking a good game about “morality” — are very authoritarian and side with police. I have read plenty of articles and blog posts by William Grigg, Radley Balko, the CATO Police Misconduct blog, etc., and obviously such government police abuse of innocent victims goes on all the time, from beatings, taserings, clubbings, shootings, and so on.

And I also heard just in the past day or two Dennis Prager on the same station who was critical of a Muslim columnist stating that she doesn’t think she should have to condemn Islamic terrorists. Prager was critical of her, saying that of course you should condemn Islamic terrorist attacks. But my criticism of the columnist is that she didn’t even mention the hypocrisy of those in the anti-Muslim crowd who never condemn our government’s own wars of aggression and destruction of those foreign Islamic countries, such as two wars against Iraq and a war against Afghanistan, neither country ever being a threat to Americans and had never attacked us, and the continuing U.S. government occupations of those lands and U.S. drones bombing and murdering innocent civilians, which are the main victims of the drones (especially when our CIA drone forces intentionally target weddings and funerals and rescuers). The neocons and chickenhawks reflexively support U.S. military aggression against foreigners especially starting with the Persian Gulf War, but view as “militants” those foreigners who attempt to defend themselves against our military’s invasions and to the warmongers therefore it is morally acceptable to murder such foreigners. I never hear these conservative moralists condemn the U.S. government’s own murderous aggressions overseas.

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