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Some More Misc. Items

Jane Orient discusses locker room transgenders and your child’s health.

Jeff Deist with four ways to build a free society.

Seth Schoen and Jamie Williams say that Crypto is for everyone — and history proves it.

Tho Bishop says that “white privilege” has nothing on State privilege.

James Bovard says, End federal agents’ license to kill.

Walter Williams analyzes the education disaster in Amerika.

Glenn Reynolds shows how gun laws put the innocent on trial.

Gary North votes no on ObamaTrade.

Greg Corombos on the mass exodus of U.S. doctors fleeing medicine.

Sheldon Richman comments on Donald Trump’s Operation Police State.

Andrew Syrios says that when you’re popular, you don’t need freedom of speech.

Jonathan Turley comments on Canada’s anti-free speech policies.

Ray Cordato says that Pope Francis contradicts himself on religious liberty and capitalism.

Joe Wolverton says that judicial attacks on Christianity violate the letter and spirit of the Establishment Clause.

Ryan McMaken concludes that guns are safer than prescription drugs.

Dan Sanchez on missile test terrorism over Los Angeles.

Laurence Vance discusses conservatism laid bare.

Sandy Ikeda on Social justice versus the Left.

Richard Ebeling discusses war, big government, and lost freedom.

Walter Block responds to the PC brats of University of Missouri.

And WND with an article on America’s real drug problem.

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