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The Endless Discussion on “Gay Marriage” Continues…

Kim Davis is the county clerk in Kentucky who refuses to give marriage licenses to homosexual couples, even though federal law says she must. Supposedly Kentucky state law says homosexual marriage is forbidden by law. In my view — and I believe that the Framers would agree with me — the laws of the states supersede federal law. That is partly because the people of the states (which existed at that time) created the federal government, which would act as their agent who would serve their interests. Ms. Davis has been thrown in jail for contempt of court, because as an employee of the government she must enforce the law. Apparently the judicial overseers in Kentucky believe that federal law supersedes Kentucky state law. In my view, however, government bureaucrats who interfere with the right of any individual to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” the right to establish contracts voluntarily with others, and the right to free association, are being just as intrusive as people’s neighbors who interfere with those rights. In other words, morally there is no role for government in permitting or forbidding marriages or contracts, period.

One issue I have is that Kim Davis, who claims to be acting in observance of her religious convictions, has been divorced several times. Therefore, her opposition to homosexual marriage or lifestyles in the name of the Bible is hypocritical. It seems to me that she is just another one of those people who believes that heterosexuals “own” marriage and only they may have society’s permission to have a marriage, by law. I don’t understand that, as I believe in live and let live. If you want to form a relationship and establish a contract, voluntarily, then the terms of the contract, and the decision as to who are the parties to the contract, are your own business. As long as you are peaceful, don’t initiate aggression or use coercion against others, don’t steal or commit fraud, it’s your life. Finally, if Kim Davis feels so strongly about not allowing homosexuals to marry, she needs to get another job. And that’s what I have to say about that.

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