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Some News and Commentary for Labor Day Weekend

Paul Craig Roberts tells us of the rise of the inhumanes in Amerika today.

William Grigg on your duty to protect and serve the police.

Butler Shaffer discusses the abortion issue and Planned Parenthood’s latest controversies.

Carlos Morales says, Abolish Child Protective Services.

Daniel McAdams thinks the refugees fleeing to Europe may not be like the refugees we’ve seen in the past.

Simon Kent with an article on the “young, fit, overwhelmingly male” migrants to Europe.

Lew Rockwell has some good suggestions for housing for the refugees.

Anne Williamson on the refugee crisis a false flag alert.

Robert Wenzel says it is time to build a welfare wall.

Jacob Hornberger on cause, consequence, and responsibility.

Joshua Krause discusses America’s sham elections.

Bill Buppert asks, Why does anarchy make people fill their pants with fear?

Justin Raimondo asks, Who will stand up to the War Party?

Laurence Vance says that Republicans are not that different from Democrats on health care.

Donald Miller, MD discusses modern medicine at the crossroads.

Ryan McMaken on the failed moral argument for “living wage.”

David Stockman says the U.S. economy is not awesome and it is not decoupled.

Doug Bandow wants to revive the freedom to work by ending licensing.

Veronique de Rugy says Ex-Im’s working capital programs benefit big businesses and banks.

And Fred Reed on why they hate us.

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