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Nothing Has Changed for Decades: Massachusetts Drivers Still the Worst!

It appears that Allstate’s “Best Drivers” in America shows that Boston’s drivers are the worst in a list of 200 cities. Two other Massachusetts cities’ drivers were also among the worst five, with Worcester and Springfield joining Boston. (The top cities are Kansas City, Kansas and Brownsville, Texas, FYI.) I am not surprised to hear about this at all. I remember hearing in the 1970s to “Watch out for those Massachusetts drivers!” And it isn’t just the drivers, by the way, in Massachusetts, but also the bicyclists and the pedestrians as well. Sometimes I see pedestrians intentionally crossing against the light like they’re challenging the motorists to hit them. Do you see that in other areas? I myself am a pedestrian because I haven’t been driving since the early ’90s, but I at least respect the motorists’ right of way. And I am not nuts and wouldn’t take any stupid risks, either. However, sometimes the motorists are too polite when they shouldn’t be. For instance, they stop to allow someone to cross the street when there is no light there. But if there are two lanes going the same way, the unsuspecting pedestrian might be crossing when another car in the other lane doesn’t see him in front of the car that’s stopped where he shouldn’t be stopping. But like those zombie pedestrians who can’t put their phones down and have to hold it like their baby’s rattle and constantly look down at it like zombies while they’re walking, there are some zombie motorists as well who shouldn’t be handling their phones and/or texting while driving. However, several studies have showed that the laws prohibiting “texting while driving” could be making the situation worse because while people know they might get in trouble for using their phones while driving, they now bring the phones lower down so the fuzz can’t see them, but they take their eyes off the road even more because of it!

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