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Alex Newman comments on Obama’s executive diktat to “nudge” the people with “behavioral science.”

Ron Paul says to blame not America but the neocons for the refugee crisis.

Walter Block loves Thomas Sowell’s economic brilliance, but his foreign policy views not so much.

Jason van Tatenhove clarifies the “M” word — militia.

Jacob Hornberger discusses Pope Francis and the U.S. welfare-warfare state.

Donald Boudreaux says that Pope Francis misses the sizable moral dimensions to capitalism.

Thomas Sowell says the Left has its Pope.

Ryan McMaken suggests to pray that no Pope (or President) visits your home town.

Cliff Kincaid says that socialist journalism is mainstream.

Laurence Vance on Old Testament Christians.

Shane Harris and Nancy Youssef write about the ISIS intel the U.S. military dumbed down.

James Bovard discusses the supreme neglect of liberty at the highest court.

Jacob Sullum responds to Bill Bennett’s call to “bring back the war on drugs.”

William Anderson discusses the economics of Hillary Clinton.

Michel Accad on 100 years of “managed” health care.

B.K. Marcus on homeschooling, the threat to public education.

And Lee Fang discusses the emails showing close ties between the Heritage Foundation and Lockheed Martin.

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