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Interventionism Causes Crises: Middle Eastern Refugees Flooding Europe

The crisis we are seeing with refugees fleeing the Middle East and going to European countries is yet another product of government interventionism. In America, there is one crisis after another which is also caused by interventionism. The cure, of course, is decentralization. Freedom. Live and let live.

I don’t have much to say about the religious craziness going on overseas, but that problem seems to be a culture of young people, mostly male, being indoctrinated and encouraged to act on their violent urges, and getting off by torturing, murdering and beheading innocents, and using presumably religious dogma to justify it. They were, sadly, born into Middle Eastern, Muslim-dominated areas which are now products of faulty American interventionism and other Western government interventionist fiascoes.

But America, too suffers from the terrible results of government intervention.

Patrick Cockburn of the U.K. Independent explores where the refugees fleeing to European countries are coming from, and why. And it appears to me as though America may be in the beginning of such chaos and crises as well.

Cockburn writes, regarding the wars and collapsing states in the Middle East and North Africa (emphasis mine):

Such wars are currently being waged in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, south-east Turkey,Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and north-east Nigeria.

Most of them achieved self-determination when imperial powers withdrew after the Second World War. By the late 1960s and early 1970s, they were ruled by military leaders who ran police states and justified their monopolies of power and wealth by claiming that they were necessary to establish public order, modernise their countries, gain control of natural resources and withstand fissiparous sectarian and ethnic pressures.

These were generally nationalist and often socialist regimes whose outlook was overwhelmingly secular. Because these justifications for authoritarianism were usually hypocritical, self-interested and masked pervasive corruption by the ruling elite, it was often forgotten that countries like Iraq, Syria and Libya had powerful central governments for a reason – and would disintegrate without them.

It is these regimes that have been weakening and are collapsing across the Middle East and North Africa. Nationalism and socialism no longer provide the ideological glue to hold together secular states or to motivate people to fight for them to the last bullet, as believers do for the fanatical and violent brand of Sunni Islam espoused by Isis, Jabhat al-Nusra and Ahrar al-Sham. Iraqi officials admit that one of the reasons the Iraqi army disintegrated in (2014) and has never been successfully reconstituted is that “very few Iraqis are prepared to die for Iraq.”

Cockburn points out that most of the collapsing states in that entire region had some kind of self-determination after World War II, after “imperial powers,” such as France and Britain, withdrew their occupations. Well, by “self-determination,” he means the bureaucrats of the ruling regimes had independence from the formerly occupying governments. Obviously, the people of those regions did not have “self-determination,” as those places were ruled by generally authoritarian governments in which the rulers did not particularly respect the rights of individuals.

And the very same authoritarian nationalism and socialism of which Cockburn writes had already taken over America right at the very beginning of its founding. And this is why the U.S. is collapsing. A country with a powerful centralized government ruling over the people is doomed to collapse.

When the American colonists seceded from British rule, it took years for the King to finally concede defeat and “formally” acknowledge America’s independence (such as it was). The early post-Revolution Americans had some freedom of “self-determination” (but not the African-Americans or women), but there were the centralists such as Alexander Hamilton and then “Honest Abe” Lincoln who loved the centralized State and fought tooth and nail against the right of the people to their independence and autonomy. The centralists loved government-controlled money and government-controlled banking. Lincoln gave us the legal tender laws and the National Bank Act, taking away Americans’ freedom of choice in currencies and taking accountability and responsibility away from bankers with a fractional reserve banking system and bailouts. The bureaucrats of the U.S. government took the people’s freedom away further with the institutionalized theft of the income tax and the central planning extremism of the Federal Reserve System. Things went way down hill because of U.S. “leaders” taking America into World War I, World War II, Korea and Vietnam. FDR and LBJ decimated freedom in America with one fascist New Deal and Great Society scheme after another.

And thanks to Eisenhower’s Iran coup in 1953 and the U.S. government’s supporting the Shah of Iran and Savak for 25 years, there was then the Islamic radicalization in Iran and its expanded effects. And thanks to George H.W. Bush starting his war of aggression against Iraq in 1991 and his and Bill Clinton’s imposing sanctions and no-fly zones, those regions thus became raging fires of anger, religious extremism, vengeance, and confusion. Eisenhower wanted to help the British seize the oil in Iran, and Bush wanted to aid and abet the neocon central planning extremists in replacing the fallen Cold War enemies with entirely new enemies to fear, hate and destroy. The reason why the neocons, the interventionists and other extremists hate Iran so intensely is because they still have resentment toward Iran for the 1979 taking of American hostages (which was elicited by the U.S. government’s own 25-year long support of Savak!), just as they can’t let go of their hysterical Cold War hatred of Russia.

And look what America has become now. It is not much different from the centralized Soviet regime, with controls over just about every aspect of daily existence and volumes and volumes of rules and regulations for every economic activity imaginable. Many of those who understand how dangerous America has already become — the police state, the fascism of political correctness enforcement and censorship — are fleeing the United States, for Mexico, ironically enough, as well as Chile and other South American countries, and to other parts of the world, such as Bangkok, Switzerland and China. The ex-pats are not exactly in the millions, yet, but it may soon come to that. There is already a Bureaucratic Berlin Wall in America, and we have the demagogic windbag Donald Trump who, like the millions of other collectivist ditto-heads, wants to build an actual Berlin Wall at the southern border, with snipers and all, so that eventually that apparatus will be used to keep the people in, not out. The other demagogic windbag, Bernie Sanders, wants further economic Berlin Walls, such as minimum wage and other strangling economic restrictions to prevent those at the bottom of the economic ladder from climbing up. The left-leaning economically-ignorant commies in America cheer on Sanders, while the Rush-bots cheer on Trump. They deserve each other, as far as I’m concerned!

So while some Americans are recognizing that America is becoming just another banana republic dictatorship and are leaving in droves, we have an immigration crisis at the same time, with Mexicans and others coming up from south of the border. The chaos is being caused in part by the U.S. government’s immoral central planning failure in immigration, the U.S. government’s drug war, and the welfare state.

Can you imagine ending central planning in the U.S.? And all the freedom we might very well have after putting the planners and bureaucrats and all their little minions back into the private sector (or deporting them actually, which is appropriate in my view!). Just as the people ended alcohol Prohibition in the 20th Century, they need to end prohibition of any item or non-violent act, and abolish the BATF, the FDA, and all the other unconstitutional bureaucracies in Washington!

And end central planning in immigration. Not that I’m a big fan of the U.S. Constitution, but it actually only mentions “naturalization,” which refers to citizenship. It does not mention “immigration”! How nutty is that?! The “constitutionalist” ditto-heads do not seem to want to hear about that. While most of the early Americans recognized the right of all people to freedom of movement and travel, and the right to migrate, why would they then give the new Washington central planners the authority to interfere with such rights?

And end the welfare state in America and the warfare state as well. No more imperialism, no more empire, no more involuntary U.S. taxpayer funding of al-Qaeda, ISIS, and Saudi Arabia, and other terrorist organizations! Close all the foreign U.S. military bases and bring all U.S. troops back to the U.S. and put them into the private sector so they can be productive for once, and not destructive!

And encourage the people of those foreign lands to do the same, not just in Middle East, Africa and Asia, but Europe as well. End the communist EU! End ALL central banks and decentralize and liberate the people’s exchanges and trade! And really let people have their freedom and independence!

I know, some people may think I’m way off because they are brainwashed zombies, but those are the basic principles of maintaining a civilized society, believe it or not.

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