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I Hope Donald Trump Is Thankful for the First Amendment (Saudis Not So Much)

Donald Trump’s arrogant personality has for years been out there for all to see. So there’s nothing new during the current Presidential clownfest in that regard. However, in an interview with the author of a new biography on him, Trump is quoted, stating: “For the most part, you can’t respect people because most people aren’t worthy of respect.” And it sounds like that isn’t even taken out of context, because how could you do that? I think that one statement tells us about what Donald Trump really thinks of other people. (Not much.) And there really are sheeple out there who think that that kind of contemptuous attitude is okay. They want their President to have that attitude and think that way about them! They want their rulers to walk all over them and treat them like dirt. I know I do.

And Trump is now in hot water for his saying about Carly Fiorina: “Look at that face! … Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next president?!” Fiorina responded, “Those comments speak for themselves.” Of course they do! Donald Trump has no sense of self-control, no sense of discretion, or of decency, quite frankly. Talk about someone “not worthy of respect”! However, he is in some way correct about Fiorina. She does happen to have a scary looking face, as other people have noted. She actually is quite ghastly. But really it is her warmongering views that are ghastly, and un-American, in my view. But what is extremely unattractive and even loathsome about her is her close relationship with criminal U.S. government agencies, CIA and NSA. But most of the obedient sheeple in Amerika don’t have a problem with that, with the crimes being committed by the CIA, the NSA, and so on. Even I have suggested possibly boycotting because of its providing CIA with cloud servers, which I would call aiding and abetting what is essentially a criminal enterprise.

However, given that Trump won’t get elected to anything, nor will he get the fixed GOP nomination, I am glad that there is someone who isn’t afraid to say what’s on his mind, to counter the political correctness censorship fascism that we have in our society now. The racism fanatics and feminist extremists want to shut down any debate or opposing point of view on various subjects, and it’s like everything is insulting, triggering or hurtful. The thin-skinned industry controls speech now. But they have become extremely irrational in their extremism. For instance, as Brendan O’Neill writes, now complimenting a woman is misogynistic and offensive! Now you can’t even say something nice about a woman. (I guess Donald Trump need not worry about that.)

And recently there was the sweeping-human-rights-abuses-under-the-rug meeting between Obama and the Saudi King and foreign minister. But did Obama ask the Royal Saudi dictator about his regime’s flogging and imprisoning bloggers for criticizing the regime? What about the Saudis imprisoning Saudi lawyers for criticizing their primitive judicial system? And their sentencing human rights activists to years in prison for criticizing the rulers, and giving 300 lashes and jailing innocents merely for helping others to convert to Christianity. In Saudi Arabia, they arrest and jail the victims of rape. Did Obama ask about those aspects of daily life in Saudi Arabia? Nope.

Their whole culture over there is extremely sick and repressive, like the rich version of North Korea. And I think that U.S. bureaucrats need to get over this love affair with foreign oil producers and get the truth out about possible Saudi involvement in 9/11 as well. There have been some interesting articles by James Bovard, Eric Margolis, Russ Baker, and Paul Sperry on all that.

What was really disgusting with the recent invasion by Saudi Royals, and made me almost toss my cookies, was the literally “red carpet” treatment given to those criminal rulers. The Four Seasons hotel redecorated itself with gold and other extravagances to make a “home-away-from-home fit for the billionaire Saudi monarch,” according to Politico.

“Everything is gold,” says one Four Seasons regular, who spied the deliveries arriving at the hotel. “Gold mirrors, gold end tables, gold lamps, even gold hat racks.” Red carpets have been laid down in hallways and even in the lower parking garage, so the king and his family never have to touch asphalt when departing their custom Mercedes caravan.

How sick is that?

The entire hotel was booked for the “79-year-old king’s entourage of Saudi diplomats, family members and assistants, one source said; a full buyout of the entire property was reserved for the visit,” reported Politico.

How absolutely disgusting. Am I allowed to say that? Or will I get flogged and jailed for it by those schmucks? They are literally criminals, who assault, torture and murder innocent human beings merely because they didn’t like what their victims said. Wait, here we have Obama’s war on journalists, his war on whistleblowers, the IRS’s persecution of conservatives, and Bradley Manning’s being tortured pre-kangaroo trial and put in isolation for his harmlessly revealing to his fellow Americans the criminality and war crimes of our government. (Also in the “exceptional” and “divinely inspired” USA, we have prosecutors knowingly letting innocent people be falsely convicted of crimes and in some cases putting them to death, and there are plenty of police S.W.A.T. teams and FBI/DEA/ETC neanderthals who have beaten, assaulted and murdered innocent people with impunity. So I guess Obama and Saudi King really do have some things in common.)

Perhaps Donald Trump can tap into some of his vitriol to criticize those things instead of concentrating on what some fascist politician looks like.

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