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Government Schools as Prison Camps

John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute has an article on the government schools as prisons. It’s terrible what those school bureaucrats have done to the schools now, and what parents have either allowed them to do or are just too passive or intimidated to voice any criticism or outrage.

Now, if you are a government school teacher and one of your students is acting up, being hyperactive or disobedient or disruptive (but not aggressive toward others or a danger to anyone), do you actually call police and terrorize the student? I think that some of those teachers who are compromising a student’s personal security and well-being in that way are doing so because their school manual or rules require them to do that, even if it’s a minor misbehavior problem. These bureaucrat teachers don’t seem to actually think for themselves — in other words, if the administrators want you to call the police on a totally innocent child, then just violate that rule and use your own method of discipline that isn’t like something a Nazi would do.

And if you are a government school teacher, would you notify government police just because a student might possess something that might resemble something drug-related but actually isn’t, as Whitehead refers to in his article? Or if not terrorizing kids with armed police, then suspending them, which goes on their permanent record. That’s really what these idiot sheeple teachers are doing to the kids now with their siccing police on them, literally terrorizing them. If I were a parent of a small child and I heard that a teacher did that to my kid, I’d have the teacher or administrator arrested and charged with terrorism, and with child abuse and endangerment. Siccing armed government police on little, innocent and harmless children is truly an endangerment to their lives, and it traumatizes them. There was none of this police state Nazi stuff when I was growing up. Zilch. If you had read about this back in the 1960s and ’70s you would think you were reading an Orwell novel. Disgusting.

Sadly, one major influence which is contributing to the kids hyperactivity or “attention deficit” is those prescription drugs they give kids now. It’s disgusting how the schools (and parents as well) are poisoning the kids’ bodies and their minds with that crap.

On the other side of things, there are the thugs in the classrooms who are literally beating the crap out of the teachers, according to Walter Williams. As I have noted previously, there is a definite linkage between violence and psychiatric drugs. Are these violent thugs in the schools on those drugs? And if not, why is it that totally innocent and harmless children are being terrorized and arrested by police or otherwise victimized by these government school bureaucrats, while apparently tolerating hundreds of violent acts by the goon students every day? It’s nuts.

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