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Bernie Sanders et al. for a “Mixed Economy”: A Mix of Socialism and Fascism!

Donald Trump’s numbers continue to go up as he attracts all the useful idiots gullible sheeple who respond like drooling Pavlov’s dogs to his emotional nationalist and collectivist rhetoric. If Trump were serious, which I don’t believe he is, then he is a dangerous fascist, with the most un-American of views (or should I call them threats?).

At the same time, we have the popular Bernie Sanders who says he is a socialist, which he is in some ways, but a fascist in other ways. Supposedly Sanders is attracting many frustrated Americans with his socialist (and fascist) rhetoric. You see, socialist rhetoric sounds nice to many people. But when socialism is actually implemented it creates great damage, to the people’s freedom as well as to their standard of living. The 20th Century economist Ludwig von Mises wrote a book refuting socialism in the 1920s and he forecast that socialist states such as Soviet Union would collapse. He was right. And now Venezuela’s situation is getting worse and worse. Why? Because of socialism, obviously. And fascism. Wage and price controls commanded by government bureaucrats have extremely disastrous unintended consequences. In my view, wage and price controls and other economic regulations of privately-owned businesses are fascist policies. However, the takeover of industries by government is part of socialism. (Besides the aforementioned Mises book, another good informational source is Murray Rothbard’s Man, Economy, and State.)

The minimum wage is a law of mandatory unemployment. And the price controls as are imposed in Venezuela cause shortages. Empty shelves. There are also the socialist government-run food distributors as well as the obsessively-regulated privately-owned grocery stores. But these fascist and socialist policies are the policies of Bernie Sanders, as well as the Ted Kennedys and Bill De Blasios of the world, and most Republicans in Congress.

America has been a part socialist and part fascist society for many decades. A lot of people are in denial that Social Security is a redistribution of wealth scheme. No, it is not an “account” that you put your money into and get it back when you retire. That’s a myth. Even the Social Security Administration’s own website admits that. Social Security collects its funds from the workers paycheck involuntarily and redistributes the loot to retired and/or disabled people, and that’s what it is. So Social Security is just another redistribution of wealth scheme, and nothing more. The money the government takes from you involuntarily goes into the U.S. treasury’s general fund, and it gets spent by Congress, mainly on pork, special interest groups, corporate welfare, and other parasites. And that’s what it is.

Eventually, if the U.S. does collapse like the Soviet Union, it will not be because of greedy capitalists, producers or entrepreneurs. It will be because institutionalized theft is inherently immoral and a society of collectivism and institutionalized theft will suffer great moral decline, as well as continually reduce the people’s standard of living. Venezuela is an extreme example. And while the American people had a chance to elect in Ron Paul someone as President who understands the immorality and impoverishment effects of a mixed socialist/fascist economy, I am afraid that the people’s refusal to learn from history and common sense and their compulsion to repeat failed policies will enable the Sovietization of America to its final collapse. Especially if they elect Bernie Sanders. (But then, ALL the candidates, Republicrat and Demopublican, believe in this same kind of socialism and fascism mixed economy. They do not accept free markets, voluntary contracts, and private property as the fundamental principles for preserving a society’s freedom and raising its standard of living. Alas.)

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