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Some WBZ Glitches and Gremlins to Start the Day

This morning on WBZ radio from the 6:25 to 6:35 period, when it was time for the usual Bob Lobel golf tip (which didn’t come on), instead there was a ski report. At first I thought it was a commercial using audio from an old ski report, because there is no skiing here at this time of year. So, the ski report is going on and on, informing us of how much snow there is at this or that mountain, and now I’m thinking maybe someone is just making a joke because the weather is very warm now. But no, it was some sort of “glitch,” some sort of “technical difficulties,” or someone just playing the wrong tape by mistake (or on purpose?!) and clearly, newscaster Karen Regal seemed confused by it as well. Then when newscaster Doug Cope began the bottom of the hour news, there were two more technical problems and glitches. It was like the Twilight Zone. Even the traffic reporter Nicole Davis actually had to sing the segue-to-traffic music because that wouldn’t come on either. And yes, she really did do that. By that time it really cracked me up. It’s always good to start the day with a good laugh. God knows I need it.

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