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On the Myth of “Public Property”

Jim Davies has this compelling critique of Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s views on immigration, regarding the rights of exclusion and the idea of who owns “public property.” While Dr. Hoppe asserts that the keeping and maintaining of “public property” or public lands is funded by taxpayers, then it is only those taxpayers who are the rightful “owners” of the land and who may rightfully exclude immigrants. I disagree with that, and I agree with Jim Davies, that such taxes are forcibly taken from victims by bureaucrats, that the government doesn’t “own” the land but merely is occupying the land, and that the land is actually owned by no one.

While I’m at it, as far as disagreeing with Hans-Hermann Hoppe, there is another issue on which I disagree with him. Dr. Hoppe has written numerous times that people who are employed by government, or who receive government benefits which are funded involuntarily by taxpayers, should not be allowed to vote. However, elected legislators make laws and policies which ALL of us MUST obey, or we’ll be thrown in jail! Therefore, if those laws and policies apply to everyone under the rule of the bureaucrats, then everyone should have the right to decide who gets in power to make those laws that we all must obey!

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