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The Supreme Sheeple Have Spoken

The Supreme Court has approved Obama’s Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. ObamaCare) and its subsidies by 6 to 3.

Premier Obama declared that “The Affordable Care Act is here to stay.” Well, not if Congress repeals it. It isn’t just a bad law that has wreaked havoc throughout the medical care industry and Americans’ health care and insurance matters, but it is a fascist-corporatist scheme written by insurance and pharmaceutical industry lobbyists, and being imposed by bureaucrats who know nothing about medical care or insurance.

In fact, Obama himself knowingly lied to the American people right at the beginning when he said if you like your health plan and your doctor you can keep them. Many people lost their plans, had been made to buy more expensive plans, and/or have been forced to change doctors. It is a scam. In fact, given that Obama has been a fraudster with this scheme, why isn’t Elizabeth Warren using the Dodd-Frank consumer protection law that she helped to concoct and prosecute Obama and his minions for fraud?

So this scheme of dictatorial control over your private medical matters is really a criminal scheme, a racket. People have a right to their privacy and a right to not be forced to reveal their health matters to bureaucrats. People have a right to keep their relationship with their doctors private!

The essence of this kind of medical care law (or what Obama really wants: “single payer“) is control. It is a sinister way for government shysters and control freaks to keep surveillance on the people, control their activities and daily habits, and weed out the “undesirables.” If you’re young or ignorant of history and don’t understand what I mean, read about the Soviet Union, and Nazi Germany as well. So, if your doctor asks you personal questions that are not related to your medical circumstances, such as your political views, your religious views, your groups and affiliations, websites you visit, etc., don’t answer those questions. It’s none of their damn business!

And because of the controls and mandates now with ObamaCare, more good doctors will retire early and those who don’t like being slaves of the State will not even enter medical school in the first place. The quality of medical care has already been decreasing and the quality of the doctors will also go down, and not just as far as competence goes, but the quality of their character as well. The future doctors will have zero problem handing out the prescription drugs because many of them have been on drugs since childhood, such as Adderall and Zoloft. And we will have essentially doctors who will be extremely loyal government bureaucrats, and the authoritarian practitioners will be those who see no problem with turning a patient in to the government who might be a potential “terrorist,” i.e. opponent of the Regime, a dissident, believer in independence, individual liberty and self-defense, etc. I’m sure there are those who see such predictions as “right-wing conspiracy theory” and so on. My message to them is, denial ain’t just a river in Egypt, as Stuart Smalley (D-Minn.) would say.  But this is what happens to societies when they turn to totalitarian government controls like ObamaCare.

But according to recent polls on ObamaCare, its approval rating has actually gone up, despite all the problems it has caused, to about 50-50, from what I have heard. That is because the vast majority of the people have a 2-second attention span and bad memories. The approvers probably aren’t among those who were recently laid off because of ObamaCare restrictions on employers, or who were moved from full time to part time because of employer “restructuring” due to the employer mandates regarding full time employees. The approvers also tend to uncritically believe what government bureaucrats tell them, and are ignorant of history and economics.

In 2012 when the Supreme Bureaucrats approved the fascist individual insurance mandate by 5 to 4, Justice Anthony Kennedy, often referred to as the “swing vote,” joined the conservative minority in dissent, and at that time stated that the majority’s decision “amounts to a vast judicial overreaching.” At that time the dissenting justices urged to strike down the whole law.

So I wonder what caused Kennedy to go from thinking that the 2012 decision was “overreaching” and that the whole law should be struck down, to now his joining the majority in 2015, especially in yet another Orwellian and incoherently worded decision? Could it be blackmail? Wouldn’t surprise me. Also, we know that John Roberts has serious medical issues (and possible prescription drugs with side effects) that affect his judgment and his cognitive abilities. So besides being blackmailed a good explanation for Roberts’s incoherence would be his having had two seizures in the past, in 1993 and in 2007, which could be a sign of epilepsy. So given that there is no indication that he has had any seizures since 2007 it is a safe bet that Roberts has been taking anti-seizure medication, some common side-effects of which include fatigue, dizziness, drowsiness, nausea, and confusion. However, if he hasn’t been taking those kinds of drugs, it may be that whatever it was that caused his two seizures over a 14-year period may have also caused his dysfunctional cognitive incoherence, confusion and idiocy.

Now, in his strong dissent this week, Justice Antonin Scalia noted the Orwellian aspect to the decision stating that “Words no longer have meaning if an Exchange that is not established by a State is ‘established by the State.’” The decision was based on politics, not on law or the Constitution. This is yet another example that the Supreme Court is just as irrelevant in a fascist society as the Congress is. Either the President is going to get what he wants via executive edict, or he’s going to “encourage” (if you know what I mean) the Supreme Court to rubber stamp his orders.

Nope, words no longer have meaning when totalitarians are in control. The medical fascists and parasites are just as bad as the climate change fanatics. Those are the ones who label as “deniers” anyone who is skeptical of the majority consensus, equating the “deniers” with the “deniers” of the Nazi Holocaust and concentration camps. Don’t be surprised when the arguments over government health care will be between the “believers” and the “deniers.”

The environmental warming fanatics in the media just make passing references to the “deniers” like an assumed scientific fact now, because the “science” is settled. It’s “science,” “science,” “science,” yet there is no real science to back up these fanatics assertions, just as there’s no evidence to show that government controls over your medical matters could produce anything good, only bad results. But get into a discussion with one of those environmental fanatics and ask, “And what exactly is the ‘science’?” And they can’t answer that. They don’t know. Most of them don’t even read but get their information from Comedy Central. Much of the “science” is fraudulent and relies on computer models rather than actual evidence. And what’s with this obsession with “carbon” and mainly carbon dioxide, which is something plants and all vegetation requires to exist, something that we humans exhale naturally! Doh!

But the truth is, the main concern of the fanatics is not the environment but empowering the government and its wealth-confiscatory powers, its police powers and its control over the people.

But in this Orwellian collectivist prison words and facts no longer have any meaning. It doesn’t matter if actual empirical evidence doesn’t back up the warmists’ claims. They have the Truth, the Way and they’ve seen the Light. They don’t want to hear any arguments, or you’re dismissed as a “denier.” Their intolerance of diversity of ideas is now pathological, in my view. They are like an angry mob now, out to lynch the heretics, the “deniers” of the Truth, the Way, and the Light that they believe in with all the religious faith and zeal as those TV preachers. I’ve heard such passing references to the “deniers” like how absurd it would be to actually consider any anti-climate change discussion, such as from the subtly Locust Valley Lockjaw-talking Tom Ashbrook on WBUR and Bob Garfield on On the Media. I recently mentioned Margery Eagan on WGBH as the same way. I think that NPR is the new MSNBC now.

With these elitist snobs we will soon be hearing that when someone says “ObamaCare is fascism” and “People don’t have a right to force physicians to provide them with care,” they will say that’s “racist” and that such comments should be censored, much in the same way that the fanatics want to jail the climate change “deniers.” In the modern Amerikan fascism not only will private, non-insurance, non-government-controlled medical care facilities be banned and outlawed, but even discussing the evils of government usurpation of medicine will be censored. That is what we can predict with the new totalitarianism, as indicated by the intolerance of the government-everything fanatics.

And speaking of censorship, look at all the lunatics all across the country, taking down flags, monuments and other items which contain symbols or references to the past. Talk about nuts. This obsession with racism is another religion now, with emphasis on “slavery,” even though with this ObamaCare, the IRS and all the other controlling federal, state and local bureaucracies, tell me the American people aren’t all slaves now? Oh, sorry, that was probably a “racist” comment. Only black people own “slavery,” so we can’t use the word to describe what the government is doing to all of us.

And because of one lone wacko racist who murdered 9 innocent people at a church. “Oh, that makes me uncomfortable, because it reminds me of slavery.” Why don’t these “racism” obsessors ever protest what’s going on in Saudi Arabia, with the Regime’s beheading of its critics and of those who reject Islam? Because the racism religion is all about past white people enslaving black people, which hasn’t been the case for 150 years. But when we have a totalitarian government enslaving all the people, that’s okay. And that’s what the medical fascism true believers, the climate change zealots and the racism fanatics want now. Talk about going to hell in a handbasket.

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