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Month: June 2015

Some More Misc. Items

Amy Goodman interviews Julian Assange of WikiLeaks on what’s really in the TPP deal, that it’s mostly about corporate control and restrictions on Internet freedom, and not “trade.”

David Hathaway on Nixon’s CIA/DEA complex.

Jacob Hornberger says that Iran’s criminal justice system looks like Gitmo’s.

Jared Wall fought the law and won.

Robert Wenzel reviews Rand Paul’s new book, Taking a Stand.

Jon Schwarz on a legendary journalist in private: “It is all fraudulent, all of it, everywhere.”

Paul Craig Roberts on Seymour Hersh’s bin Laden raid story.

Adam Dick with Andrew Napolitano’s comments that NSA spying will continue anyway.

Ryan McMaken says that we need actual free trade, not the TPP.

Mark Thornton on the meaning of financial repression.

Kelley Vlahos discusses the march of the imperial senators.

Matt McCaffrey says, No, tax breaks are not subsidies.

Richard Ebeling says that Keynesian medicines are not a cure for China’s ills.

Patrice Lewis with more reasons to homeschool the kids.

And the Buffalo News with a story on a Buffalo Philharmonic oboist with some issues. (Heh.)