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More Attempts from the Left to Suppress Speech

The Hollywood communists who profit from capitalism now want ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) to remove domain name privacy of those who own domain names which are registered and whose information is obtained through “Whois” websites. Apparently the stasi of the Left want to make it easier to find out the personal details of website owners in order to sue them for “copyright” infringement, personal information of which is already obtainable via subpoena. The real reason is probably more sinister, and has to do — once again — with intimidating and shutting up those whose opinions “offend” the elites of the Left, many of whom are a part of communist Hollywood. Obviously, if someone opposes affirmative action or even wants to criticize feminist extremism, knowing that one’s website would require personal information to be displayed publicly on Whois, one would probably decide to not have a website in the first place. It’s all to do with suppression of speech and dissenting points of view, etc. As the Electronic Frontier Foundation put it,

The limited value of this change is manifestly outweighed by the risks to website owners who will suffer a higher risk of harassment, intimidation and identity theft. The ability to speak anonymously protects people with unpopular or marginalized opinions, allowing them to speak and be heard without fear of harm. It also protects whistleblowers who expose crime, waste, and corruption. That’s why EFF opposes the new proposal to roll back anonymity.

If you agree, there are many ways in which you can let ICANN know your views. Between now and July 7th, you can send your comments by email to You can also support a petition that a coalition of companies and concerned individuals have established at, or use the phone and email tool of another coalition at, both of which EFF supports.

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