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Well, after voting to oppose Obama’s support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership Crony-Totalitarian “free trade” deal-shmeal, that really doesn’t promote free trade, it seems that the Senate is going to go ahead with more votes on the matter to eventually have a final vote on the TPP which they will not even be able to amend. And even though a few Senators were allowed into the special secret room where the secret information on the secret deal is being kept, and they were allowed to read the 800 page treaty that isn’t classified information but that the wheeler-dealers don’t want the people to know what’s in it, Sen. Rand Paul who was in there and did read it says he’s still not allowed to tell anyone what’s in it. So, the Senators who represent the American people are asked to vote to support this major international “trade” (i.e. crony capitalism/totalitarian) treaty, but the American people whose lives and livelihoods it would greatly affect are not allowed to know the details? It isn’t classified material, so what are these schmucks hiding?

Robert Parry says he’s worried about the dangerous precedent set by the NFL’s sanctioning Tom Brady based on circumstantial evidence which shows that Brady probably knew about the deflated footballs. Parry is critical of the NFL’s lack of presumption of innocence and actual evidence toward concluding that harsh punishments for Brady were in order, as though it were a legal case in a court of law. But it wasn’t a legal case in a court of law, it is a matter between an employer and its employee. Here, if the employee doesn’t like the rules or the harsh treatments based on lack of evidence, he has the freedom to find some other place of employment. In contrast, if it were a case within the actual legal system, the accused does not have that freedom and must do what the government’s stacked deck court system orders him to do based on the legal and Constitutional requirements on how the court must act. In my view, if the NFL wants to punish Tom Brady based on no evidence to conclude his guilt or “awareness of others’ guilt,” that is their right, as it is their enterprise and it’s their rules. [ADDENDUM: Actually, I think that Brady’s employer is the N.E. Patriots (not the NFL), and the NFL is a larger association to which they belong. But Brady and the Patriots still have to follow the NFL’s rules, and if they don’t like it they can leave the association.]

The U.S. House of Representatives of Wall Street and the Pentagon have voted to extend the Patriot Act. They are including a watered down section on the unconstitutional NSA spying-on-Americans which the NSA itself supports, according to Judge Andrew Napolitano. But, as Ron Paul has stated, the entire Patriot Act should be completely repealed.

And finally, Laurence Vance says that Thomas Jefferson’s plan is better than Marco Rubio’s plan for Europe.

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