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My Comments on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

The U.S. Senate voted down, for now, the unconstitutional Obama-McConnell Trans-Pacific Partnership or TPP treaty that supposedly was to promote “free trade.” No, it wouldn’t promote free trade. The first thing people must know is that these kinds of “partnerships” are partnerships between or among governments, and government bureaucrats, first and foremost, that also includes special partnerships among the world’s wealthiest and influential corporate executives in collusion with government bureaucrats.

If you really want to promote free trade for Americans, then remove and repeal any and all governmental restrictions on Americans’ (and others’) right to trade with anyone else they want in any way they want, anywhere in the world, as long as they are peaceful and don’t use fraud, coercion or aggression. No more regulations from any government agency, no wage or price controls, no licensing, no fees, nothing. You see, that’s what “free trade” is, the absence of legal and enforceable restrictions imposed by bureaucrats. Those restrictions are intrusions, and are criminal intrusions in fact, because if any non-government individual imposed by force such intrusive and coercive demands, mandates, or otherwise controls on the trades, commerce and movements of their neighbors, those intrusions would be considered criminal. Regardless of whatever rationalizations that government bureaucrats and their minions have for their criminal intrusions, they are still criminal intrusions. I hope that some day the brainwashed masses who obediently believe what politicians and activists say about the importance of this regulation or that tax, will wake up to the truth of what these schemes and scams really are.

And also, regarding the TPP specifically, we already know on the face of it that it is a scam, because why do the details of this have to be kept in secret? You want your representatives in Washington to vote on new regulations and mandates without knowing the details? Are the details considered classified national security secrets? Of course not. So obviously when these corporate executives and lobbyists and politicians don’t want the people to know exactly what’s being forced on them, then that means they are hiding something very smelly and stinky. They are hiding their crony public-trough-snorting and establishment-profits-protecting schemes, and they are also hiding a good dose of totalitarianism as well. Plenty of intrusions on the people’s First Amendment-protected rights and Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights as well, especially their rights to use and express themselves on the Internet. The Internet and especially political dissent is exactly what the police statists and bureaucratic control freaks want to stifle and censor. IP and Copyright are ruses. Don’t fall for it.

Political activists and bureaucracy power-grabbers thrive in secrecy, with their criminal obstructions of the people’s Freedom of Information Act rights and with their prosecuting political opponents and journalists and whistleblowers. At the same time, these fascists want to spy on the people, and search and peek and pry into the people’s private lives and daily activities. The Rulers, politicians, activists, trespassers, coveters of other people’s wealth and property, they all want access into your life, your home, your personal effects, your wallet and your bank account. They are criminals, and the people who are behind this TPP who are against actual free trade, they are criminals, and I hope that more and more people are waking up to that fact.

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