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On the Trouble That Psychiatric Drugs Have Wrought

Updated below.

Lew Rockwell recently interviewed Dr. Peter Breggin, a frequent expert witness at congressional hearings regarding psychiatric drugs, and they discussed the Germanwings airlines co-pilot who deliberately crashed the plane into the French alps and killed 144 people. The deranged killer co-pilot was apparently taking the anti-anxiety drug Lorazepam, which is of the same class of drugs as Xanax and Valium. Besides Lorazepam the co-pilot was also taking a yet-to-be-named antidepressant, probably one of the notoriously dangerous SSRIs. Dr. Breggin brings up the commonality of modern mass shooters (Columbine, Aurora theater, etc.) having been taking the SSRI antidepressants, or in withdrawal from them. What you probably won’t hear about from the mainstream media sources (who are in part funded by the pharmaceutical industry) is that these SSRI antidepressants have been shown to cause depression and suicidal thoughts and aggression. Dr. Breggin has written several books on these matters, including Medication Madness: The Role pf Psychiatric Drugs in Cases of Violence, Suicide and Crime; Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal: A Guide for Prescribers, Therapists, Patients and Their Families; and Guilt, Shame, and Anxiety: Understanding and Overcoming Negative Emotions.

Also this week, on Coast to Coast AM, host Lisa Garr interviewed Dr. Marilyn Wedge,* a family therapist who is critical of today’s establishment psychiatric clinicians and the schools’ quick and convenient diagnoses of ADHD and unnecessarily drugging up the kids. Dr. Wedge has written about why French kids don’t have ADHD, and has noted that there is no scientifically confirmed evidence of any biological cause of ADHD. Dr. Wedge has also been critical of the psychiatrists’ Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, which to me contains mostly made-up “illnesses” for the pharmaceutical industry to justify marketing many poisonous and dangerous drugs to the unsuspecting public. (They are real shysters, in my view.) In this current interview she notes how the teachers and school bureaucrats are quick to diagnose and prescribe drugs rather than take the time to find out exactly what’s going on with the hyperactive or inattentive child at home that’s causing such emotional issues or distractions. She also brings up the child’s diet, and the problem with processed foods and the preservatives and food dyes which have been shown to negatively affect kids’ emotions and their behaviors. In fact, I would add, a common ADHD drug Adderall has quite a few side effects and could actually cause anxiety, temper issues, loss of sleep and restlessness. No surprise there. Dr. Wedge has written several books, including A Disease Called Childhood: Why ADHD Became an American Epidemic and Pills Are Not for Preschoolers: A Drug-Free Approach for Troubled Kids.

* UPDATE: Apparently, the Coast to Coast people had that video taken down from YouTube. It looked to me as though the account was Coast to Coast’s own YouTube account, as most of those kinds of shows have their own YouTube accounts and uploads, such as Infowars, for instance. But no, not Coast to Coast. I guess you can try going to Coast to coast’s website to hear the show there. Alas, while you can do that, you have to register or maybe pay to have an account there as well. It’s just another aspect of that program’s downfall since Art Bell left. Oh, well. My local station here has the show on WRKO, and I actually rarely listen to it anyway. The other talk station, WMEX, at least, has Alex Jones on during the early morning hours.

You see, when shows such as Coast to Coast take down a good replay of one of their episodes based on Copyright, it’s usually because they fear losing their “fair share” etc. But what the Copyright ignoramuses don’t seem to understand is, when people post a video of one of their episodes, the viewer who likes that will say, Hmm, I like that, so I will find out more and see if I can hear that show in my local area. So in other words it’s kind of like free advertising for them. Whatever. I’ll try to remember not to post anything from Coast to Coast again.

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