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Article from Washington Post on the Meitiv family whose children were kidnapped by police and their lives threatened by fascist CPS vultures, merely because the kids, age 10 and 6, were on their own in a park not far from their home. As far as I’m concerned, anyone who calls 911 just because one sees a kid alone or two kids in a park, that caller should him or herself be arrested and charged with child endangerment and harassment as well. The Meitivs also should sue the 911 caller to cover all legal fees and other costs. People need to pay for their criminal intrusiveness against their innocent neighbors (especially when they have no reason to believe anything is wrong with the kids). Here is the Meitivs’ Facebook page: I Stand With the Meitivs Against CPS.

Andrew Napolitano on the corrupt and incompetent FBI.

Judy Morris points out that gun control is a contributor to the Kenyan Christian students who were murdered by fanatical extremists.

Jacob Hornberger on the Oklahoma City bombing and 9/11.

Justin Raimondo discusses how to judge a political  candidate, and concentrates on Rand Paul.

Patrick Howley on the VA sending veterans’ medical information to FBI for future gun confiscation.

Glenn Greenwald comments that many Americans’ support for Israel is much based on religious fanaticism.

Glenn Reynolds on Wisconsin’s corrupt unions and prosecutors using law enforcement raids on conservative political opponents and their families.

Trevor Timm says that Congress cannot be taken seriously on cyber security.

Sheldon Richman says that U.S. foreign policy makers cannot be trusted.

Ron Paul on the political murders in Kiev, and on U.S. troops to Ukraine.

Ralph Raico on rethinking Churchill.

And Robert Wenzel defends Walter Block.

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