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Let’s Shrink Government Waste (Sorry for the redundancy.)

Laurence Vance responds to Barack Obama’s call to shrink the federal government’s “carbon footprint” (whatever the hell that is). And what a response! Vance gives a rundown of one government program after another that is not authorized by the Constitution and therefore its termination will thus help to shrink said “carbon footprint.”

Ron Paul discusses how the IRS and Congress hold our liberty in contempt. He suggests getting rid of the IRS (Speaking of reducing the government’s “carbon footprint.” And reducing government waste, but I repeat myself).

Lee Fang shows how some congressmen are in contempt of other congressmen, in denying the other congressmen their right to access information on NSA spying. (They have to vote on it, so you’d think they have a right to know what’s going on, for crying out loud!)

And Chris Ernesto on Saudi atrocities which continue to go unnoticed.

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