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Happy Earth Day!

It’s the 45th Anniversary of “Earth Day.” But it’s really Environmentalist Wacko Day, as far as I’m concerned. There are so many people now who believe strongly in this environmentalism stuff, yet the same people still drive big SUVs, smoke cigarettes and throw their cigarette butts on the ground, or otherwise throw stuff out their car windows (I see that all the time now!), and so on, so I really don’t take them seriously.

The Al Gore extremism of the environmentalism movement over the past 10-20 years has been nutty, with this alleged human-caused “Global Warming” thing or now just “Climate Change.” A few decades ago it was the new “Ice Age,” which it seems we’ve been experiencing now in the past couple of years. And there is a panic over polar ice caps which the worrywarts say are melting and causing rising sea levels. Yet the ice caps are thicker and wider in the past two years, sorry Al. That linked article covers years 2012-2014, but this inconvenient truth has been known since 2002, at least. But the gasbag propagandists nevertheless get away with their propaganda and fear-mongering. The real reason for so much activism over the years now is because government-worshipers really want bigger and more intrusive government in their lives and in everyone else’s face. They want more and more confiscatory taxation to punish innovation, creativity, production, success and achievement. You name it, anything which makes society and living better, and the statists want to squash it. Anything that promotes life and a higher standard of living and they want to crush it in its tracks. And that is the truth. Funny that so many people who are so worried about Earth’s future are the same ones who promote higher debts and raising the National Debt and who promote deficit-spending for their own short-term immediate gratification at the expense of future generations. “F future generations,” they say, “In the long-run, we’re all dead” to quote their economic Master. So they’re also inconsistent and just make no sense.

Most of the people amongst the “Global Warming” fanaticism crowd are people on the left, the same ones generally who support higher and higher minimum wages so that there will be fewer and fewer low-skilled or entry-level labor jobs available, they support higher taxes for “the rich” which means everyone who works, and they support more and more government involvement in every nook and cranny of everyday existence, and so on. So I really try not to take them and their fanaticism seriously, regardless how pervasive such a mentality is in the media, in the schools and everywhere else in society. It’s hard to take seriously people who are so religiously fanatical in their views and so intolerant of the other point of view that they want to punish and jail so-called “deniers.” Isn’t there something wrong with people who feel that strongly about their ideology? I think so.

Now, it seems to me that the warmists and climate changers’ assertions and “inconvenient truths” have mainly been relying on computer models and distorted analyses of climate history (or outright fraud) which supposedly act as predictors of future events. This week for Earth Day 2015 Barack Obama has been in the Florida Everglades hobnobbing with his fellow crocodiles, slithering snakes and lizards and other reptiles of his slimy politician ilk, and he wants to bring attention to the rising sea levels. Well, I’ve got news for him, while there may or may not actually be slightly and gradually rising sea levels all over the world, the cause would not be industrial manufacturing, air pollution, or carbon dioxide. The cause is the natural development of the planet Earth regardless of human beings’ “carbon footprints.” The Earth’s climate is a huge phenomenon, and I don’t think you can change the overall direction of an entire planet’s climate, even if you tried. And no, I’m not talking about local weather conditions which can be influenced by various human-caused factors, intentionally or unintentionally, I’m talking about actual climate. There were probably changes in the climate between 1 million and 10,000 years ago, and changes between the year 1200 and the year 1900, but it wasn’t because of air pollution caused by industrial waste or carbon dioxide. Perhaps the most important factor involved in the overall temperatures of the Earth is the Sun, which eventually is going to have a problem and take the Earth along with it. Happy “Earth Day.”

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