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Some Reading for a Blizzard . . .

James Bovard with an article on America’s fading love of freedom.

Tom Woods asks, Does the Constitution bind anyone?

Ben Swann on the FBI setting up bombing suspects.

Kelli Sladick says that Virginia’s new anti-NDAA detention bill turns the table on the feds.

Laurence Vance on the American sociopaths (of the military).

Paul Craig Roberts says, Martin Luther King, Jr: An American Hero.

Philip Weiss on a possible Netanyahu speech to Congress.

Richard Ebeling says that global free trade makes for mutual prosperity and world peace.

Andrew Napolitano asks, Who will keep our freedoms safe?

Richard Boren on insurance companies as competing governments.

Alvin Lowi on voluntary government as a marketable service.

The AP with a story on the government health care website sharing personal data.

Jonathan Turley on the Boston mayor’s wanting to impose a speech code for a possible 2024 Olympics.

Andrew Jones with an interview of CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou

Daniel McAdams asks, Will new U.S. training program produce more ISIS fighters in Syria?

Eric Margolis Says, “Adios, Cuba!”

Robert Wenzel tells of the time he undermined the spirit of a government-trained-killer worshiper.

Jacob Sullum says the fine print in AG Eric Holder’s new forfeiture policy still leaves room for abuse.

William Grigg on the passing of a freedom fighter.

David Theroux with a speech on C.S. Lewis on mere liberty and the evils of statism.

Justin Raimondo on National Review‘s “slander” of him and Ron Paul.

Kelley Vlahos on David Petraeus’s double standard.

Arthur Silber discusses American Sniper and the murderers hall of infamy.

Michael Rozeff on American Sniper and John Wick.

Lindy West on the real American Sniper: A hate-filled killer.

Zero Hedge with an article on U.S. military’s conspiracy theory on ISIS.

And Doug Bandow on Saudi Arabia as America’s Frenemy.

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