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More War on Radical Islamists – But What About Radical Statism?

Islamic extremists murdered cartoonists and writers at the French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo in retaliation for drawings considered to be “insulting” to Islam or of the so-called Prophet Muhammad. Well, I don’t know if the extremists are really that devoted to an Islamic Prophet as much as they commonly seem to be angry young males who just want to take their anger out on someone and use this religion stuff as a rationalization for the violence.

One way to explain fanatics is that many people seem to merge their self-identities with their revered authority figure reinforced by religious or political dogma. If cartoonists “insult” the revered authority figure then these young brainwashed zealouts feel a personal duty to exact revenge.

But when time and again we see many of these Muslim males in those Islamic countries bombing and shooting each other, raping women with impunity, as well as otherwise treating the females like dirt, they really need look in the mirror before they start criticizing cartoonists and Westerners. However, while they may be brainwashed, I still doubt their sincerity in their proclamations in the name of the supposedly beloved so-called Prophet Muhammad. In my view, their extremism is similar to statists, especially American statists: It’s all about them, and their own rage at society and their own envy of others who have what they want.

So just as these non-State terrorists really shouldn’t complain about being made fun of when they act like savages, so too should we look at various ruling government bureaucrats in those Islamic countries who impose and enforce Islamic law with an iron fist, such as Saudi Arabia. The ruling Saudi royal family commits crimes of violent assaults and murder against innocents just for their disobeying Islamic law or for “blasphemy,” etc.

The Saudi Regime is now flogging and imprisoning bloggers who merely criticize the Regime’s Islamic clerics, and imprisoning Saudi lawyers for criticizing the primitive and “retarded” (their word, not mine) Saudi judicial system, as well as sentencing Saudi human rights activists to 15 years in prison for criticizing the ruling bureaucrats and thrown in jail for helping others to convert to Christianity (after receiving 300 lashes, of course). And Saudi Arabia is one of those repressive societies that arrests and jails the victims of rape.

Hmm. There certainly isn’t anything for which to criticize the Saudi ruling bureaucrats these days, is there?

The Saudi Regime has also now redefined as “terrorism” to include anyone who questions Islam or promotes atheistic thought, and anyone who seeks “to shake the social fabric or national cohesion, or calling, participating, promoting, or inciting sit-ins, protests, meetings, or group statements in any form, or anyone who harms the unity or stability of the kingdom by any means.”

Humph. What a bunch of old farts. I’m glad I don’t live in Saudi Arabia. Do these “Royal” rulers ever think about how they appear to the rest of the world?

And in Saudi Arabia, if polls show that a vast majority of the people approve of the punishments the royal bureaucrats administer against dissenters and blasphemers, that’s probably not because a majority of the people there actually really believe in the legitimacy of those laws but because they live in fear that if they tell pollsters their true views they themselves might be murdered, beheaded by the Regime.

And I don’t really know just how much these Saudi rulers themselves believe their own proclamations and dictates and are just punishing innocent people because they the ruling bureaucrats feel personally insulted when their subjects are “disobedient.” I think that perhaps they had been raised in very strict environments being brainwashed to believe that they are supposed to feel offended by something much like American feminists and egalitarians who claim to feel offended about one politically incorrect statement or another mainly because they have been brainwashed to believe they are supposed to feel offended by something. But do these Islamic extremists really believe that cartoons have “insulted” Islam or the Prophet Muhammad?

And in Turkey the former Prime Minister and now President (Is there a difference?) Recep Tayyip Erdogan began as a reformer with an emphasis on secularist tolerance but in his later years there he has become much more authoritarian, and is now trying to impose more Islamic law into society, as his counterparts in ultra-repressive Saudi Arabia have been doing.

But how genuinely and devoutly religious is Erdogan, with his having a new $615 million Presidential palace being illegally built just for him? And did this Erdogan person spend his own personal wealth on this extravagant palace or is he using Turkish taxpayers’ funds? So in other words, he himself is not exactly in line with Islamic teachings on dealing with wealth and avoiding greedy behavior.

But that ruling bureaucrat isn’t exactly the first ruling government bureaucrat to live high off the hog at the expense of the actual workers and producers of society, that’s for sure.

I am very skeptical of the sincerity of all these supposedly religious Islamic authoritarians who seem to be hurting others at an alarming rate these days. Just as I am skeptical of the sincerity of U.S. government bureaucrats and other U.S. state and local government bureaucrats in their violently carrying out the agenda of statism, of worship and obedience of the government and its bureaucracy. I don’t really believe that most of the bureaucrats and their enforcers really believe that the policies and laws and ordinances they enforce should actually exist, except that those neanderthals just like pushing others around and ordering people to do this or that, and they get off on jailing or otherwise harming innocents. It’s a power trip.

When we see videos of angry crowds in some of these Islamic countries shouting and chanting against America and burning American flags, the crowds cheer on the anti-American tirades like a sporting event. The same goes for the obedient sheeple here in the U.S. who cheer on the latest anti-Muslim campaigns such as after the Charlie Hebdo attack (like after 9/11). The ditto-heads and neocons and American Exceptionalists cheered on the U.S. military under George W. Bush in their invasions and occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, two countries which had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11 and were of absolutely no threat to Americans.

Americans and other Westerners describe Islamic terrorists as “extremists.” Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! We can easily describe the attendees of those military-worshiping NFL and college football games as extremists in their blind, unquestioning support of the U.S. government’s terror campaign in Islamic countries.

But can you imagine an American cartoonist depicting such depraved military-worshiping NFL fans as grunting and knuckle-dragging apes, gorillas, monkeys and orangutans? Such cartoonists would immediately be hauled away and thrown in prison for “blasphemy” — for satirizing the U.S. terror State’s cheering supporters. The cartoonists certainly couldn’t be accused of “racism,” as most of the military-worshiping NFL game attendees are white.

Besides their wars of aggression, the Bush-Obama State-sponsored terror campaign of CIA drones have been intentionally targeting civilians, targeting weddings and funerals, and targeting the rescuers of the drone bombing victims. Most of the murder victims overseas of the Obama-CIA drones have been innocent civilians, regardless of the U.S. government’s reclassification or Orwellian labeling procedures and its post-9/11 propaganda campaign to brainwash the sheeple to support such criminality. Obama probably knows that most of the victims of his CIA bombing and murdering are civilians, and that such bombings and murders do nothing but provoke foreigners to retaliate. So Obama can order his CIA to stop drone bombing-murdering innocents any time the Chickenhawk-in-Chief wants, but he won’t do that. Democrats benefit from campaign donations from the military contractors too, you know.

You see, the real purpose of the “War on Terror” is to commit acts of violence against foreigners and provoke retaliation, to justify the ever-growing federal U.S. Bureaucracy and profits for the military-industrial-security complex. It is all in the name of radical State worship.

But can you imagine an American cartoonist depicting Obama and U.S. military generals and U.S. Senators such as Lindsey Graham in the same ways that the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists have been depicting Muslims, and as other cartoonists have been depicting Jews and Israelis? Obama, his DOJ and the obedient military-worshiping NFL fans would have these American cartoonists hauled out into the street for a public flogging like they do in “repressive” countries such as Saudi Arabia and Iran. Or those blaspheming critics of the U.S. terror State would merely be executed on the spot.

And several years prior to 9/11 the American sheeple cheered on the U.S. military under George H.W. Bush in the U.S. government’s first bombing campaign of Iraq in 1991. And all these wars and murders of innocents is cheered on by the American Exceptionalists with the same State-deified “patriotism” as they supported Harry Truman’s bombing of Japan and the tens of thousands of murders he committed there.

So our bureaucrats in Washington merely do the same things over and over again, initiating violence and wars against foreigners and provoking foreigners, for such new or expanded wars to justify the bureaucrats’ government jobs and their feeding at the public trough. Meanwhile, the American sheeple cheer on their military’s violent murders and terrorism against innocents in much the same way that the Islamists — the authoritarian Rulers and the angry young Islamic males alike — overseas terrorize and murder innocents. Just as I am skeptical about the sincerity of the religiosity being imposed or proclaimed by the Saudi and other Islamic government Rulers or their little minions, I am skeptical of the sincerity of the American bureaucrats in their proclamations about “American values” or “security.” All the aforementioned knuckle-draggers are really just bent on inflicting terror and suffering on others, and they will do just that.

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