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Brandon Smith’s Pledge

Brandon Smith has this article on one of his fellow Liberty Movement activists, David Crowley, who was apparently murdered along with his wife and little kid. The media are trying to portray the deaths as a “murder-suicide,” based on photos of Crowley in hunting and/or tactical gear, some photos of which are actually depicting Crowley using props for a film he had been working on. The film is titled Gray State and deals with life in Amerika as a totalitarian, Orwellian tyranny (as it seems very much on the way to being). Because of the immature prejudices and ignorance of many of those in the mainstream media, those ignoramuses have tended to dismiss people in the “prepper” or “survivalist” movement (a subgroup of the general Liberty Movement) as crackpots and paranoids who could snap and go on rampages and so on. On the contrary, such a description can more accurately be applied to your typical CIA or TSA agent, whereas the typical Liberty Movement participant merely strives to persuade others that freedom and peace, and a philosophy of “live and let live,” are the best ways for a civilized society to be.

So according to Brandon Smith, David Crowley was not the kind of guy who would harm others, certainly not his own family or himself. Smith says that none of the media accounts add up. In that article Smith presents a “Pledge” that, in the unfortunate possibility that he himself is, you know, “disappeared,” or murdered, that he is stating ahead of time that he would never abandon his family and would never hurt himself or others, except in actual self-defense. I would say that his Pledge, some of which I will quote here, can also apply to me as well. However, while I don’t think anyone (such as someone in government or police, etc.) will do anything to Brandon Smith, there is even less of a chance that anyone would do anything to me because I am not an “activist” as Brandon Smith is. He does a lot of public speaking and meets with groups and engages in various Liberty Movement related activities such as with the Oath Keepers organization. In contrast, all I do is just sit here at the computer like a schlep and write stuff. I am not an activist and am not involved in any groups or organizations, and don’t want to be.  But here is part of that Brandon Smith Pledge that can apply to me as well, as far as I’m concerned:

I, Brandon Smith, founder of, will NEVER bring deliberate harm to myself or other innocent people. I will NEVER commit suicide, nor will I ever hurt other people, including family, friends, or colleagues. I will NEVER use a weapon against another human being unless in self defense. I also will NEVER disappear from public view of my own volition, nor will I ever abruptly quit my work within the liberty movement. I am dedicated to the cause of freedom, I am proud of the path my life has taken, I am of excellent health, and am sound of mind (though such a thing may be treated as “subjective” by many).

I will NEVER jump from a bridge, jump from a tall building, hang myself with my underwear in a case of auto-erotic asphyxiation (I’m not into that), drown myself in a lake, or drive my car into a tree after packing it with explosives. I have no drug addictions and NEVER take psychotropic medications.  And to be clear, I will NEVER fly in a prop airplane, so it is impossible for me to die in a prop-plane crash. I also will NEVER pull a firearm on a police officer or federal agent unless they arrive without a warrant and exhibit clear intent to harm me or those I care about.

If I am found dead, regardless of the supposed circumstances or motives given by the mainstream press or state officials, IT WAS MURDER, not suicide. If I go missing, it is because of foul play, not because I have quit the movement, or gone off to Alaska to commune with the damn trees. Character attacks will not deter me from my work, nor cause me to walk away from my activism.

. . .

I think that this would be a good pledge for those involved in the Liberty Movement, anti-CPS activists and others to have. Perhaps Michael Hastings and Nancy Schaefer should have prepared such a statement.

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