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Another Martial Law Drill – Mundanes Unwanted

The Massachusetts State Police will be conducting a “tactical response drill” at the State House in Boston during the day on Saturday. Hmm, they just had a similar drill in May. Are they expecting something to occur soon? So it sounds like they need to practice their martial law skills, and brush up on their hysteria and panic whenever a guy with an umbrella appears, or when they hear about a little boy with a plastic toy gun. The State Police’s notice of the drill also states that “the drill is not open to the media or public.” But it also states that there will be a “large volume of troopers and police vehicles around the State House and on Beacon Street.” So how “not open to the public” is that? And what do they mean by “not open to the media”? Does that mean that WBZ and the Boston Globe are not permitted to cover a police state hysteria event that will take place in the outdoors for all to see? And also, do they really need to rehearse a police state and martial law? Anyway, as Jack Perry noted today, a better “tactical response” to any threat or crisis would be a fully armed citizenry (who probably wouldn’t act nearly as hysterically as the typical local police neanderthals do).

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