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Some More Recent Items

As I have noted here recently, I have been very busy trying to deal with personal matters. I hope to return to regular blog writing soon. I hope. But in the meantime, there are other good articles and posts I have seen that I can link to, for those who are interested.

John Whitehead discusses life in the Amerikan prison state.

Lew Rockwell interviews Sibel Edmonds on the secret crimes of the U.S. empire.

Mikael Thalen discusses 3 high-level intelligence operatives who exposed 9/11 foreknowledge.

Washington’s Blog describes the real masterminds behind 9/11.

WND with an article on what’s behind naming “ISIS” and/or “ISIL”.

Tony Cartalucci describes the Washington-created ISIS menace.

James Bovard discusses the “food insecurity” hoax.

Jon Rappoport writes about Ebola propaganda and questions the official Ebola narrative.

And Adan Salazar writes about the goofy Today Show‘s recommendation of using car keys and wasp spray to ward off a home invader, and treat him “like royalty.”

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