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Some More for the Weekend

Jacob Hornberger writes about perpetual anxiety under empire. Afraid of ISIS? Get over it.

Gary North has an article on Faith-Based Fascism: Turning Churches into the State’s Bagmen.

Owen Jones says, to really combat terror, end support for Saudi Arabia. (And every other foreign regime, including the U.K.!)

Laurence Vance gives advice for sound tax policy. (I’m verklempt.)

Trevor Timm asks, Why is DHS arming cops to fight average Americans?

Jim Davies says, time to repeal Amendment two.

Aaron Dykes writes about little kids with cell phones despite the health risks.

Eric Margolis says, Mr. President, the less you do the better.

Wendy McElroy writes about her learning from Ayn Rand’s mistakes.

Michael Snyder says that 30 million Americans are drugged up on Big Pharma poison. I’m glad I am not one of them.

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