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Day After Labor Day

Thomas DiLorenzo says, Happy Union Goon Day

Washington’s Blog discusses a movement to declassify 9/11 info.

Chris Rossini doesn’t like the saying, “We need to take our country back.”

Brendan O’Neill on the fascists of Britain’s NHS who have arrested two parents who went to Spain for alternative treatments for their little boy’s brain tumor.

Meanwhile, according to Selwyn Duke, Muslim pedophilia in the U.K. is being ignored by the “authorities” because of political correctness. (I guess we know what the priorities are of those brilliant Rulers in the U.K., don’t we?)

Bionic Mosquito gives examples of what many of us were brought up to believe, and links to many articles which refute the myths, old wives tales, and outright lies.

Jonathan Turley gives an example of how Amerikan government bureaucrats are getting dumber and dumber by the day.

David Gordon has quite a few books to recommend on the Cold War.

And Ron Paul wrote an interesting book in 1981 titled, Gold, Peace, and Prosperity, with a foreword by Henry Hazlitt and a preface by Murray Rothbard.

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