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True Independence Requires Decentralization and Secession, Not Revolution

As Jacob Hornberger observed today, many Americans are celebrating Independence Day by praising the U.S. military and the rest of the national security state, the U.S. government’s empire abroad and its Big Government at home. Hornberger writes:

All this devotion to big government, militarism, standing armies, empire, interventions, invasions, and occupations will, needless to say, fall under the rubric of “patriotism.”

That’s funny because the people who will be doing all that praising and exhorting have it upside down. That’s because the signers of the Declaration of Independence, which we celebrate today, opposed everything the U.S. government represents today, including big government, standing armies, militarism, and empire.

It’s tempting to think that the Revolutionary War was waged against a foreign government. Nothing could be further from the truth. The people who signed the Declaration were British citizens, not American citizens. They were taking up arms against their very own government.

In other words, the revolutionaries in 1776 were not supporting their troops after the issuance of the Declaration of Independence. They were instead killing the soldiers of their very own government.

Some people believe that there probably will be another American Revolution, but there is really no point to that. What exactly would a “revolution” accomplish, anyway?

Of course, if the government takes its illicitly owned arms and directs them against the people, that is treason, and the people have a right to fight back as a matter of self-defense, which is their right as human beings.

Gary North says that there will be no revolution, but there will be secession. North writes:

You don’t need a revolution to escape the system. You need secession. You need a withdrawal of support for the existing systems. You need to revoke the legitimacy which you extended to these organizations. You need to do it, and everybody else needs to do it. Nobody organizes this. People just learn, scandal by scandal, bureaucratic snafu by bureaucratic snafu, that the system is irreparable. It cannot be reformed. It must not be captured. It must be de-funded. The secret of liberty is not revolution; the secret of liberty is to de-fund the existing centralized order.

North notes that previous revolutions against centralized regimes have merely led to a repackaging of centralization. That is exactly what came of the American Revolution. After that, “Honest Abe” Lincoln’s War Against Independence was not to free slaves but to further strengthen the U.S. government’s centralized power. The election of FDR as a reaction to the Crash of ’29 and the Depression led to an extremely radical centralized Regime in Washington, which continues to this day, having been gaining more and more strength just like a hurricane.

And North states, “Until conservatives stop dreaming about capturing existing hierarchical systems of power, nothing is going to change.”

The unrealistically utopian conservatives seem to be looking forward to this November, and they’re wasting their time, in my view.

They never seem to learn, do they? The big 2010 conservative/Tea Party takeover of Congress sure did a lot, didn’t it? And the 1994 “Republican Revolution” sure did as well. No, getting “the right people” in positions of power won’t fix anything. They’re all the same — they’re politicians.

Actually, that very apparatus there in Washington in and of itself is what has destroyed America. The people need to withdraw their consent from the Leviathan monster, withdraw their support, and de-fund it, as Gary North suggests. Because it is impossible to “reform” Leviathan, it thus needs to be dismantled, and the sooner the better.

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