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Some Older Posts and Articles

I haven’t written as many posts in recent months as I had in the past for various reasons. Much of my computer time has been spent trying to work on some personal matters. It’s also been a stressful year. And I really believe that I’ll be writing more and can return to my particular issues that I find most important very soon. Issues such as central planning and why it is bad, secession and why it is good, the false patriotism of the “exceptionalists,” and so on. But here are some older posts and articles that I am especially fond of, if you haven’t read them before:

The Inalienable Right to Secede

My post on Michael Hastings

A Disagreement With Collectivist Anti-Business Conservatives on Immigration


Civil Unrest: Do Our Rulers Actually Want It to Happen?

Protecting Ourselves from the State

That Reckless Protection Racket of Military Socialism and Fascism

Trump Is Not As “Pro-America” As He Thinks He Is

On the Infantile Behaviors and Motivations of the Statists

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