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Some More Recent Items

Here are some more articles that should be of interest to you:

Paul Craig Roberts says that Washington is escalating the orchestrated Ukrainian crisis to war.

Kurt Nimmo debunks the 9/11 Commissioners’ claim that the terrorism threat remains “grave” and the war on terrorism must be a never-ending one. (i.e. they’re FOS.)

WND has an article promoting Ron Paul’s Voices of Liberty.

Karl Denninger writes about the “Internet of things,” all the spyware in your IOS and in the “smart” thermostat, refrigerator, etc.

Ryan McMaken writes about the environmentalists and the parasite developers vs. private property and free markets at the Grand Canyon.

Wendy McElroy has an article on “racist” zip codes. Barack Obomber wants to impose a socialized affirmative action kind of thing for neighborhoods now.

And Peter van Buren writes about drones against the Fifth Amendment.

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