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Some More Misc. Items

I’ve been spending a lot of my computer time working on some personal issues, as well as currently working on a new article that is taking a lot of time, and I hope to be able to write more regular blog posts here in the near future. In the meantime, here are some more interesting articles I have seen this week:

In Flee Rather Than Stand Your Ground, Wendy McElroy explains how exit and/or dissent is a better alternative to confronting the State.

In this article from 1954, Murray Rothbard says that public opinion must be the weapon to forge fences between the people and the State. “By force of public opinion men must resist conscription; must insist on absolute nonintervention in foreign wars; and, where warfare is in progress, must call for immediate negotiations and an end to the bloodletting. And most important, there must be a re-establishment of those once-revered rules of war that prevented innocent civilians from being harmed.”

Jonathan Cook says that the U.S. plays a decisive role in Israel’s attack on Gaza. (They should have listened to Murray Rothbard.)

Jacob Hornberger writes about the perpetual crises of the welfare-warfare state. (They should have listened to Murray Rothbard.)

Robert Wenzel has some interesting ideas on defining inflation. (He’s been listening to Murray Rothbard.)

Gary Galles describes how government uses “efficiency” as an excuse to steal. (Hmmm.)

Ron Paul informs us of his new Voices of Liberty, an expansion of the Ron Paul Channel.

And Jeremy Scahill and Ryan Devereaux write about the secret government rulebook for labeling you a terrorist. Yech.

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