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Some More Misc. Items

Kevin Zeese says that Edward Snowden shouldn’t play along with the Alice in Wonderland sham trial he would be facing if he returns to USSA.

Wendy McElroy with a very good analysis of why married people tend to be wealthier than singles. And the State-promoted divorce lawyers get rich off people’s divorces.

Sheldon Richman says, Let the immigrants stay.

Jonathan Turley is shocked that Joan Rivers would call Barack Obama “gay.” (Perhaps he did not read this.)

Andrew Napolitano writes about the U.S. government spying on innocents.

John Whitehead writes about the emperor’s new clothes and the naked truth about the American police state.

The U.K. Guardian has an article about how the U.S. military bureaucrats are wasting time and resources, funded by U.S. taxpayers, to study how Twitter users’ messages spread, emphasizing the Occupy movement and Middle Eastern protests. (And obviously with the goal of manipulating, influencing and sabotaging Twitter users’, protesters’ and dissenters’ efforts. Only in Nazi Amerika, of course.)

Washington’s Blog has a post regarding governments who admit engaging in false flag terror events. (Perhaps that’s what the Twitter manipulating is going to be for? Who knows?)

Justin Raimondo asks, Who started the ‘cycle of violence’ in Palestine, and who keeps it going?

Jacob Hornberger writes about chronic minimum wage ignorance.

And Thomas Sowell reviews Jason Riley’s book, Please Stop Helping Us, about how minimum wage laws, racial preferences etc. have adversely affected black people in America.

Robert Wenzel presents his view of the ideal libertarian currency.

And Jon Rappoport says that “doctors” are giving babies those poisonous, toxic psychiatric drugs now. They’re diagnosing babies with ADHD, depression and bipolar disorder. (And yes, these are State-licensed medical “doctors.”)

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