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PBS NewsHour Interviews on the Israel-Gaza Conflict

These recent interviews by The NewsHour’s Judy Woodruff and Gwen Ifill on Israel’s war on Gaza give us a much more realistic view of what’s going on there than we’d see on more mainstream news outlets. I’m glad WGBH radio broadcasts the audio of this program each weeknight as I don’t watch TV. The claim of “human shields” is bogus as Israel has no evidence to back that up, just as Amnesty International found at the time of the 2008-09 war as well. And also, Israel gives the Palestinians “warnings” to evacuate about a minute before Israel starts bombing the schools, hospitals and civilians’ homes, but because of Israel’s blockade of Gaza in place for several years, with tight travel restrictions and no one allowed to exit Gaza, there’s nowhere for them to go. So many of them stay where they are. I would say that we’re not going to get these assessments from the more mainstream media (or else they’ll be accused of being “Hamas supporters.”)

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