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Here Are Some More News Items Today

William Grigg writes about the criminality of the NYPD and their murder of an innocent civilian for no good reason. (Who do they think they are, the IDF?)

Deutsche Welle with an article on Israeli journalist Gideon Levy’s determination to express his dissent despite the Israeli lynch mob who wants his one lone dissenting voice to be stifled and silenced.

Spencer Ackerman explains how U.S. government “security” bureaucrats were directly involved in terrorist plots by cooking up their own schemes, entrapping hapless patsies, or being led by informants.

Wendy McElroy writes about an abortion act that’s fast-tracked to nowhere. (I hope so.)

Paul Craig Roberts writes about the Malaysian Airlines plane that was shot down, and the liars of the U.S. government.

Justin Raimondo discusses the new meaning of “isolationism.”

And Michael Paarlberg writes about the Salvadoran child migrants and the gang epidemic.

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