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Feminism, Racism, and More Police State – It Might Not Be a Good Idea to Travel on the Holiday

Butler Shaffer has an appropriate analysis of the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision. The reason it is appropriate is that “Independence Day” is approaching, and that decision is all about women’s demanding of dependence. The feminists don’t realize that their demanding that employers pay for their birth control (when they could easily pay for it themselves as free, independent individuals or visit one of the many Planned Parenthood clinics who give those products out like candy) takes independence away from them and makes their access to birth control dependent on employers.

Lew Rockwell asks, what exactly is “racism”? (I don’t know exactly, but I’ll bet there would be a lot less of it if the State didn’t exist.)

Police State USA reports about a tactic that police use called “sneak-and-peek,” in which the police enter or break into someone’s home without a warrant when the residents are not at home, to gather “evidence,” to steal things, etc.

Speaking of the U.S. police state, William Grigg writes about the vampires at traffic stops who unconstitutionally and criminally coerce and threaten innocent people to submit their persons to chemical tests for alcohol, regardless of lack of reasonable suspicion or probable cause.

Carl Watner has a post up at on what voluntaryism means to him. Well, it means a lot to me too, especially given those previous articles on the police state.

Fox News reports that medical workers were told to not tell anyone about the serious health issues that the children coming across the borders have. Lice, scabies, measles, chicken pox, strep throat, etc. And they’re also saying that some of these kids have been transported on “domestic charter buses and airplanes.” (You might want to change your method of travel during the upcoming holiday weekend, if you know what I mean.)

Infowars says that the recent Facebook “emotional study” experiment has ties to the Pentagon’s research on how to control (or even cause) civil unrest.

And Justin Raimondo writes about the return of Ahmad Chalabi.

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