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The Supreme Court: Gutless Wonders and Regime Rubber-Stampers

The spineless weasels of the U.S. Supreme Court have declined to hear reporter James Risen’s case expressing his right to protect a confidential source. The Obama DOJ wants to force Risen to reveal sources for his 2006 book, State of War: The Secret History of the CIA and the Bush Administration about CIA’s attempted sabotage of the Iranian nuclear program, the Bush Administration’s illegal domestic wiretapping and gathering of innocent Americans’ private financial information, and Bush’s CIA torture of detainees in secret prisons, among other things. So really Obama is continuing Bush’s persecution of Risen and other journalists who expose the Regime’s criminality.

Do the American people have a right to know when their own government is engaged in criminality, especially against them, as it criminally invades their private lives? Doesn’t the First Amendment protect the right of government insiders who discover wrongdoing to reveal such information to the Press without fear of being fired, jailed or harmed in some other way? And if so, then doesn’t the First Amendment protect such journalists who receive the information to exercise their right to expose the bureaucrats’ criminal wrongdoing? And by the way, this “classified” and “national security” stuff is constantly exaggerated for the government to continue covering up its crimes and instead punish journalists and whistleblowers who go against the Regime. And the Supreme Court agrees with the cover-ups so much that they won’t even hear the case. Why are they even there? Does anyone know?

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