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Some More Noteworthy Items

In an article at The Daily Bell, Wendy McElroy presents the case for testing the falsifiability or refutability of our theories and beliefs.

Justin Raimondo writes about the upcoming storm in American electoral politics, following the Eric Cantor defeat.

Ron Paul asks, haven’t we done enough damage in Iraq? (Well, I would prefer that people not use “we” when talking about government bureaucrats, but whatever.)

Chris Rossini comments on the fools who attack unpaid internships. (According to my calculations, I accumulated approximately 548 hours of “unpaid internship” time during and after college, early- to mid-1980s. And I believe that I benefited a great deal from those experiences, and it shouldn’t be illegal!)

Jack Douglas says that U.S. government puppet regimes in the Muslim world are all paper tiger tyrannies and hated by their oppressed people.

And Robert Wenzel discusses “libertarian socialism.” (I think that’s on sale this week at Whole Foods.)

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