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More Reasons to Be “Against the State”

As I wrote yesterday, it seems that the IRS has “lost” many of Lois Lerner’s emails, something like what Willard Romney’s staff had done although they were more overt about it.

And now Trevor Timm of the Freedom of the Press Foundation tells us that local government police are warrantlessly tracking people’s cell phone usage from outside their homes with “Stingray” technology. According to Timm, with such technology police can create a fake cell phone tower that fools the residents’ cell phones to connect to it, even when people aren’t using the phones. But the Obama Administration is encouraging the local cops to keep their illegal information-gathering a secret despite laws which require such transparency. Much of the local uniformed hooligans’ illegal information-gathering paraphernalia or funding for it is provided for them by DHS and Pentagon, courtesy of the hapless schmuck taxpayers. “Oh, but we neeeed socialized security, and we neeeed to have government bureaucrats provide us with ‘law and order.'” What could possibly go wrong?

So while bureaucrats don’t want the people to know what they are up to, with flunkies like Lois Lerner and Romney trying to hide the evidence of their mischief and Obama wanting local police to hide their criminality as well, at the same time bureaucrats want the technology and the power to search into every aspect of the people’s private lives, and go on electronic fishing expeditions with the hopes of finding maybe one or two marijuana smokers or “terrorists.” More good reasons to be “against the State.”

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