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Adam Lanza and Elliot Rodger

Here are some items of interest on Sandy Hook School killer Adam Lanza and the more recent Santa Barbara college campus killer Elliot Rodger that I have found while researching.

In his earlier years, Adam Lanza didn’t speak until age 3 and by age 5 was diagnosed with “sensory integration disorder,” as he didn’t like being touched and he reacted strongly to loud sudden noises. He was already being given speech and occupational therapy by kindergarten. He was diagnosed with Asperger’s at age 13. And he also had obsessive-compulsive disorder, which included his feeling compelled to change his socks 20 times a day, and Mrs. Lanza was doing up to three loads of laundry per day because of it.

The Lanzas separated when Adam was 9, and divorced when he was 17. According to the Hartford Courant, Adam’s father, Peter Lanza had told Adam’s psychiatrist (while Adam was about 14) that Adam “seemed stressed, frustrated and less happy,” in the years just following the Lanzas’ separation. Adam Lanza’s father remarried but Adam would not accept his father’s second marriage and refused to see the father after that.

Apparently, according to the Hartford Courant article, when Adam was around 14 or 15, Nancy Lanza cancelled subsequent appointments with the psychiatrist who had wanted to implement “behavior-based” therapy, and she stopped his medication as well, because of side effects he was experiencing. The article also notes that the psychiatric nurse who had met with Adam had stated that he was “emotionally paralyzed,” as could be witnessed in his lack of social interaction and his obsessive-compulsive behaviors.

Prior to the December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook School shootings, Adam Lanza as a teen and young adult had been living with his mother and spent a lot of time alone playing video games. This article states that Nancy Lanza believed that she could help Adam to “beat” his problems and grow to be confident. So obviously Mrs. Lanza may have had some issues with cognitive dissonance, in which she felt that she herself could help him to get better and more confident, but by encouraging him to stay isolated and constantly play video games.

In an interview with the Lanzas’ local hairdresser, the hairdresser described Adam as never speaking, and that she actually thought he couldn’t speak. She stated that Adam would only act on his mother’s direction. For instance, if the hairdresser finished and said “you’re all set,” he would still not get up except on his mother’s direction.

Now, Elliot Rodger:

Prior to his May 23, 2014 Isla Vista murder rampage, Elliot Rodger made it clear, in his videos and his lengthy manifesto, My Twisted World (on Scribd), that he hated women because they rejected him and he hated men because he felt they took the women away from him. His arrogance and narcissism can be noticed throughout his manifesto, and this resentment toward women was an ongoing theme.

According to a close family friend as told in this article, Elliot Rodger was never formally diagnosed with Asperger’s, but that his family suspected he was “on the spectrum”; however, according to his parents’ divorce documents as told in this article, he was diagnosed with Asperger’s at the age of 7. Rodger had seen several different therapists starting around age 8.

At that early time (age 7) of his parents’ separation when he stayed with his father, the father had already had a live-in girlfriend who was to become Elliot’s stepmother. However, he felt that his new stepmother disciplined him too harshly, which caused him to “rebel.”

In his manifesto he noted that it was at this time that he began to believe that a guy is more “respected” if he had a girlfriend. Later on, Elliot pressured himself to get a girlfriend, as though he was trying to live up to the image he admired in his father early on. However, such self-imposed pressure and failure to get a girlfriend became intolerable in that the envy and resentment he felt toward couples he saw turned to rage and revenge.

As is typical of our pathologically over-sexualized and narcissistic culture, Elliot already in his early 20’s was obsessed with only “getting laid,” and not with “getting married,” as was how young men used to think (in the good old days).

Of further relevance is that at the age of 6 Elliot’s mother had reassured him that she and his father wouldn’t divorce. But at the time of his 7th birthday, his mother reversed that and told him that they were getting divorced. He wrote in his manifesto what a shock that was. So there was a major event early in Elliot Rodger’s life, being betrayed by an important female in his life, which may have affected his perception of women later on in life.

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